Woman Claims She Met Jesus in a Dream: Jesus Was “In Love With Me”

Valerie Paters, who had a near-death experience, claims she went to Heaven to meet Jesus, who she says “was in love with me.” In the video, Valerie describes a fluffy, cuddly Jesus who didn’t notice any of her flaws. They ran around together in a blinding white light, romantically hugging and snuggling each other for days.

“I stood up, turned around, and there was Jesus. I don’t know if I ran to him or if he came to me, I mean all of a sudden, we were there. He just smiled at me and I felt all this emotion that he had for me. I finally felt like I was home.”

The notion of Heaven Tourism (dying and meeting Jesus or meeting him in a dream) is grossly unbiblical and interestingly, those who all claim to have done so describe a Jesus found nowhere in Scripture. Not to mention that “it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27).” What’s worse is the suggestion that Jesus is going to act like a long-lost lover (heresy: theoerosism) when you meet him in Heaven. Face it, that would be really weird. Especially for guys (though there appears to be a movement in TGC and ERLC that would find this acceptable).

According to the video, though, she never actually died. She remained on life-support for several days in order to have her organs harvested.

The delusions these crazy charismatics bring into the church should be met with swift refutation while marking and avoiding those who continue to propagate them.