Charismatic Prophet Claims God will Cure Cancer and Diabetes in Response to Synagogue Shooting

Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, and co-pastor with his wife, Brenda. They are the founders of One Voice Ministries, a charismatic operation that espouses Montanist doctrine. According to Kunneman, God is going to be doing some medical miracles in response to the Tree of Life Synagogue Massacre.

He begins by saying, “Laugh if you may. Mock if you may.”

Okay. Deal.

Therefore, listen at the place of Pittsburgh, the Tree of Life. There’s something of life that is going to come now for their blood speaks. God says there’s been a signing into law. Those who’ve been afflicted who can find no cure, no help. There are medical cures that are out there, that exist, but they’ve been stopped through bureaucracy, they’ve been stopped through politics, they’ve been stopped through legislation. The Spirit of God says, ‘My compassion, you’re going to see it this week in your mid-term elections and you’re going to see at you turn into a new year…”

It’s at this point we’re thinking that the mid-term elections didn’t exactly go the way we wanted, thank you very much. His prophetic prediction happened just a couple weeks ago, a few days shy of the 2018 mid-terms in which Democrats swept the House of Representatives, over-performed in expectations for the Senate and somehow won a few elections after election day, squeaking out narrow but highly-publicized victories.

Nonetheless, Kunneman claims some medical victories are in the near future also.

“God says from those who died at the Tree of Life, I will cause this president to join in the hands of the president of Israel – what is he, the Prime Minister? Is he the Prime Minister? Netanyahu. Because in Israel, in Israel there’s come a healing balm already once. God says ‘There’s medical cures and scientific discoveries that are in Israel and they will join hands with the United States of America.”

Apparently, the Holy Spirit, giving divine utterance, was having a hard time choosing between the term president and prime minister. So Kunneman claims that somehow the Tree of Life synagogue shooting will cause President Trump to reach out to Prime Minister Netanyahu and, with Israel up until this point sitting on some medical cures, they will release these medical cures to the rest of the world.

“Watch as cancer shall be known as a thing of the past, says the Lord. Diabetes, Alzheimers, shall be known as a thing of the past. Watch as their blood is not in vain.”

Alright. So, I guess we wait and see if Kunneman’s prophetic utterance was accurate. What’s the statute of limitations on false prophecy, exactly? A month? A year?

You can watch the video below.


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