#MooreTripe: Beth Moore’s “The Beloved Disciple” – Chapter 3

This post marks the third in a series of many in which I will read through Beth Moore’s books and provide chapter-by-chapter reactions to what America’s most popular female Bible teacher has written to her massive audience.  The name of this series, which is hopefully self-explanatory, is #MooreTripe.    The posts in this series will be less book review and more running commentary.  It is my hope that this commentary provides pastors, education ministers, and husbands helpful insights into what LifeWay Christian Resources has been foisting upon their church members, and particularly wives, for years.  I begin with Moore’s 2003 book, The Beloved Disciple.

Chapter 3 – For They Were Fisherman

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how the early spring sunrise hangs lazily in the clinging winter mist. Since the first time I saw the Sea of Galilee, I understood why Christ seemed to favor the villages near its shore over the metropolis of Jerusalem.” p. 17

Here Beth Moore asserts that Jesus liked country scenery more than city scenery; just like she does, I guess.  Jesus was around for creation, maybe he’s not impressed by sunrises over quaint fishing towns. He’s God.

“I can only think of one thing worse than fishing in the cold. That would be not catching anything. It happens to the best of fisherman. When it happens to my husband Keith, I always ask him the typical sanguine woman question: But did you have fun with your friends anyway? My personality is given to the philosophy that the question is not so much whether you succeeded or failed but if you have fun in the process. I wish I had a picture of Keith’s face when I ask him that question. I’d put it in the margin for your amusement.” p. 19

This does not advance analysis of the biblical narrative in any way. It’s Beth being relatable and folksy. If she wasn’t so folksy I wonder if her books would even be read.

“Oh, beloved, isn’t that exactly like Him? Jesus walks right up, catches us in the act of being—again today—exactly who we were yesterday, and offers to turn our routine into adventure. Hallelujah! Have you allowed Christ to do that for you? If you’re bored with life and stuck in a rut of routine, you may have believed in Christ, but you may not yet have agreed to follow Him. Christ is a lot of things, but boring? Not on your life! Life with Him is a great adventure.” p. 19

Jesus has literally never walked right up to you, me, or Beth Moore. This is Beth intimating to bored housewives that she has some kind of special relationship with Jesus that they don’t have and should therefore be listened to and esteemed by them.

“I’d like to suggest that just as James and John were preparing their nets, they themselves had been prepared. The word preparing in Mark 1:19 can also mean “repairing.” The exact same word is used in Galatians 6:1 for restoring a fallen brother. Oh, how thankful I am that the same God who prepares also repairs and restores. At this season of your life, what do you sense you need most: preparation for a fresh work of God? repair from a tear? restoration from a “fall”?” p. 20

There are books and websites that will allow you to see each place a certain word is used in scripture. Pointing out where the words are doesn’t make one a Bible teacher, it makes one someone who can use an index. This is a musing disguised as Bible-teaching. It may very well be true but it’s not a teaching from the gospels. The women who read this think they are “digging in” to the Bible but they really aren’t.

“Right this moment, let Jesus look you straight in the eyes and tell you that He knows who you are and who He wants to make you.” p. 21

Maybe let Jesus sing a Bryan Adams song to you, too.

A commentary on Chapter 4 is forthcoming.

Until then, I would humbly commend to your reading, two of my own books:

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