Ranting Lady Pastor Protests Trump’s Visit in Pittsburgh

This lunatic and ranting crazy woman is a “Pastor” of the “Presbyterian” church (scare quotes are buy-one-get-one on Halloween). Apparently, she’s upset that President Donald J. Trump is showing up to grieve as the President of the United States with those at the Tree of Life Synagogue, where a crazed gunman took 11 lives. The Synagogue lies in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood, and the female impastor lives a few houses down. In spite of news reports that progressives in the Jewish community (in reality it was an alt-left propaganda group funded by outside interests) asked Trump not to come unless he (further) denounces alt-right racism and anti-Semitism in a perverse and morbid political stunt, the Rabbi of the Tree of Life Synagogue, Jeffry Meyers, offered an invitation to the President and warmly embraced him upon his arrival.

Trump, whose son-in-law and daughter are Jewish, has been the greatest friend to the State of Israel in American history, repeatedly defending the Israeli people and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem – a promise that other presidents made but none kept. It’s safe to say that among many Jews, particularly Orthodox Jews, Trump remains popular for being a defender of the Jewish people around the world.

This did not stop “Pastor” Susan Rothenberg from standing nearby the funeral services in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood and disrupting their religious services by shouting how unwelcome Trump was, regardless of the invitation of the Jewish people actually inside the Synagogue. Rothenberg pastors at the liberal Presbyterian Church USA (not to be confused with the more conservative Presbyterian Church of America). She also blogs at Presbyterians Today, a website for the denomination’s faithful, under the column, “Unglued Church.” Although she goes by the title “pastor,” she is only a “member-at-large” in the Presbytery of Pittsburgh, but was pastor of a small church at one time. Today, she heads up the Commission on Ministry and serves on the Anti-Racism Transformation Team for the denomination.

According to the Presbyterian website, she has two cats. Of course, she does.


The impastor says:

This is our neighborhood. You are not welcome here. We don’t want him here. We don’t want him on our streets…You don’t belong here. This is our neighborhood. We welcome everybody here. You are not welcome on my street…You are not welcome in Squirrel Hill.

Apparently, everyone is welcome at Squirrel Hill. Except the president. You know, he’s not welcome. But he’s not welcome because everyone is welcome…except him?

How would you like to listen to this lady’s take on the Bible in her screeching sermons? Oofta.

Rothenberg claimed that the President’s presence was disturbing Shiva, the Jewish prayer of mourning, while she stayed out on the street screaming. Makes sense. Totally.

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