Beth Moore Has Man Get on His Knees, Apologize on Behalf of All Men

Chinle, Arizona – Beth Moore, the female preacher who is increasingly involved in the feminist #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport movement (which was aimed at scuttling the Supreme Court candidacy of Justice Brett Kavanaugh), recently had her band’s drummer get on his knees before an audience of women and apologize to them on behalf of all men.

Moore started her career as a teacher for women, but now preaches to both genders. Evangelical leaders like John Piper have encouraged men to listen to her violations of 1 Timothy 2:12. Not deterred by Scriptural admonitions against women teaching doctrine or preaching to men, Moore has gradually become a chief proponent of evangelical feminism. Most recently, Moore spoke at an event in Chinle, Arizona, in which an odd scene soon developed.

Kevin Jones, drummer for Moore’s worship band knelt before the crowd in a clearly choreographed moment and apologized to the crowd of women on behalf of all men. Moore tweeted the above photo earlier today.

She said, “Humility can usher in tremendous healing. The most powerful moment at our event for Native American women: This is Kevin Jones, on his knees, our drummer and as Christlike a man as you’ll meet, asking their forgiveness for all hurts and harms they’ve ever received at the hands of men.”

Of course, there is nothing in Scripture that suggests any individual can apologize for the sins of someone else, least alone an entire gender. The very notion is Biblically untenable. Neither is it wise to presume that every woman is a victim, but in Critical Race Theory (which is a Marxist political ideology that applies to gender, sexuality and other “identity groups” as well as race) and in the ideology of Marxist Intersectionality (the combining of two “victimized” identity group, in this case Native Americans and women), it is necessary to presume victimhood upon all.

Beth Moore is fully “woke” and fully feminist, and to prove it, she had a man literally get on his knees before a crowd of women and apologize for the male gender.

The idea that Kevin Jones – who Moore acknowledges is a “gentleman” – should apologize for those guilty of abuse, is asinine. Kevin Jones did nothing wrong, supposedly, and he is not imputed with the sin of abusers by virtue of his genitalia.

Beth Moore is a dangerous woman whose influence far surpasses her capability as a Bible teacher. She is ignorant and unlearned, and has become a useful idiot for the political Left.

The event was held for Native American women on Columbus Day, which is promoted by many leftists as “Indigenous People Day.”


[Contributed by JD Hall. Editor’s Note: Somebody revoke this dude’s man card immediately]

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