Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists Join March FOR Abortion in Kentucky

Pro-abortion clergy members held a rally in Kentucky earlier this week. On Monday, September 10, the Higher Ground Moral Day of Action was held to promote the abortion of human beings. Clergy members from the Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Unitarian-Universalists were among those who gathered to support abortion in the name of Christianity. Over one-hundred clergy members were in attendance. The clergy petitioned the government to consider, “the most sacred moral principles of our faith and constitutional values.” According to the clergy, these moral principles dictate, “the economic liberation of all people; ensuring every child receives access to quality education; healthcare access for all; criminal justice reform; and ensuring historically marginalized communities have equal protection under the law.”

Not included among their “sacred moral principles” was the right to not be ripped limb-from-limb in your homicidal mother’s womb.

Sounding like a document written by the ERLC, the clergy demanded an end to “systemic racism, classism, poverty, xenophobia, and any attempt to promote hate towards any members of the human family.”

The marchers, part of a 30-city effort across the nation, also challenged the notion that abortion or homosexuality were important issues. The Higher Ground Moral Declaration, a statement put together by the clergy, said, “We challenge the position that the preeminent moral issues today are about prayer in public schools, abortion, and homosexuality.” The document continued:

Instead, we declare the deepest public concerns of our faith traditions are how our society treats the poor, those on the margins, the least of these, women, children, workers, immigrants and sick; equality and representation under the law; and the desire for peace, love and harmony within and among nations.

The document also declared the need for, “pro-labor, anti-poverty, anti-racist policies that build up economic democracy through employment, living wages, the alleviation of disparate unemployment, a just transition away from fossil fuels, labor rights, affordable housing, direct cash transfers, social safety nets, and other support for all families struggling to get by, and fair policies for immigrants, and by critiquing policies around warmongering that undermine our moral standing and ability to address domestic issues.”

Again, it is worth pointing out, a landfill of dead babies ranks nowhere on the list of concerns for those fixated on fossil fuels and disparate employment.

Mark Johnson of Central Baptist Church in Lexington said, “I want you to know there are Baptists standing here with me.” He went on to complain about police misconduct. Likewise, Kent Gilbert – pastor of Union Church in Berea (ironic name, yes?), stood up to represent his church and to stick up for the rights of the LGBTQ.

The event was billed as a “revival.”

[Editor’s Note: HT The State Journal]

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