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This Guy Wins Twitter with Epic Burn: #StillProtesting

Matt Walsh is one of my favorite Papists. Walsh writes for the Daily Wire, and previously, The Blaze. His literary wit is nearly unparalleled. His writing is prolific and often profound. I wrote an entire chapter about his work in my book, The Benedict Arnold Option. And, I wish Walsh was a Protestant.

In yesterday’s tweet, however, Walsh stepped right into it. The exchange between Walsh and John Keeter, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Edenton, North Carolina, has made a lot of us chuckle.

Jokes aside, there’s truthfulness to Walsh’s tweet (and Keeter’s). The Catholic Church needs a purge; it cannot be Reformed because “infallible” churches cannot repent. That purge must be total. Good men must “come out” forcefully, angrily, passionately, and must name names on their way out the door.

For an explanation of the difference between Roman Catholicism and Christianity, read this article from Reformation Charlotte.