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Arrest Warrant issued for NAR Apostle David Tomberlin – exposed for having multiple wives, kidnapping & prostitution?


Once again, the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) network has allowed another criminal to remain within their ranks, despite reports alleging Thai Police having an arrest warrant issued for child kidnapping.

Leading ‘Apostles and Prophets’ within the NAR, claim they receive direct vision, revelation and knowledge to bring divine order and government to God’s end-time church, this ‘church’ being the vehicle to change or take over nations for the glory of God. Instead, financial fraud, theft, plagiarism, bullying, pedophilia, sexual abuse, death threats and cover-up are continually proving that this is an insidious cult infecting countries around the world.


NARpostle David Tomberlin is yet another example of how NARpostles’ divine claims ring false as they try to cover up the crimes of one of their own.


On the 9th of August, we received a disturbing email regarding David Tomberlin, an Apostle of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Tomberlin is a well-known religious leader and associate of false teacher Todd Bentley, known from the highly televised ‘Lakeland Outpouring’ where he was onscreen daily running the major event.

Tomberlin is currently embroiled in a major scandal in Thailand, involving multiple ‘wives’, an arrest warrant for kidnapping and evidence of heavy involvement in prostitution for years while continuing to operate a large Christian preaching platform known as ‘David Tomberlin Ministries’.

Although this scandal has received extensive written and nationwide televised coverage in Thailand, evidence suggests Tomberlin has likely suppressed the story stateside for more than a year.

One witness who knew Tomberlin from Lakeland claimed,

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