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VIDEO: NAR Leader Promises “End Times Wealth Transfer”

Che Ahn is the defacto head of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), this according to Churchwatch Central which happens to be the unofficial, unparalleled expert on the NAR. In the video, Che Ahn promises that the wealth of the ungodly will be supernaturally transferred to Christians at the end of time, which as Che Ahn sounds, will be any day now. Citing Old Testament scriptures wildly taken out of context, Che Ahn begins by saying that they didn’t take up the offering yet because he’s waiting until after he preaches on the topic of wealth transfer. That wealth transfer, in case you wanted to get in line now, are for those that transfer their wealth preemptively to Che Ahn.

How’s this for an idea: When Christ comes in the fullness of his glory, we aren’t going to give two pennies (or a bag of gold) to have the world’s wealth. God is going to pave the streets with it. Gold will be like asphalt in Heaven, not to demonstrate God’s wealth, but to demonstrate gold’s worthlessness.

You can watch the video below.