Video: Chaos at Highpoint Church Business Meeting

Pastor Andy Savage perhaps thought he was saving his career by preemption when he admitted to a decades-old sexual assault during the height of the Spring 2018 #MeToo Movement. Although his congregation initially applauded his confession – an odd and off-putting scene to the lost world that was watching in – Savage eventually was forced to resign from the mounting pressure.

His Memphis megachurch replacement, Chris Conlee, subsequently gave a 75-page “vision” to the church board and demanded that the church follow his vision or ask him to leave. The board asked him to leave.

The church board called for a “family meeting” (aka business meeting) announcing Conlee’s departure from the church and what ensued afterward was pandemonium. According to reports, there is a significant faction of the church that wants both Savage and Conlee to return, and they were not pleased with the board’s decision.

Security and police had to be called in to quell the angry megachurch attendees.

Bonus: At one point, you can hear someone shout, “I have served this church every Sunday for two years.” Pin a rose on that guy’s nose.

Start listening at about the 40-minute mark.

[Editor’s Note: HT Wartburg Watch]