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Did You Do Drugs with Todd White?

Last July, I published an article here at Pulpit & Pen entitled “Did Todd White Heal You?” in which I solicited documented testimonies of miraculous healings facilitated by famous faith healer Todd White.  To date, I have recieved numerous inquiries from readers wondering if any healings had been reported to me. I tell them all the same story; no one has contacted me with the requested testimonies.  The closest thing has been a young man from Australia telling me that his ankle was healed from a skateboarding accident while listening to a Todd White podcast. He had no evidence of a medical diagnosis.  After an entire year, that has been it.  Not a single person has submitted a documented case of a Todd White healing.  This website is one of the most popular Christian interest blogs in the world.  Todd White is an internationally famous preacher.  What are the odds that someone he healed hasn’t heard about our request for testimonies?

I don’t believe for a minute that Todd White has a facilitated a healing for anyone.  I believe White is a charlatan and a phony who has gotten rich off his false claims and errant preaching.  His false healings claims make me wonder if any other parts of his testimony and background story are true.  White claims to be a radically changed drug and pornography addict.  Since the truth is not in him, I know the Holy Spirit has never freed Todd White from his sinful lifestyle.  I wonder if he was ever a down and out drug addict at all.

So, I have another solicitation for testimonies.  Have you ever done drugs with Todd White, sold drugs to Todd White, or purchased drugs from Todd White?  Have you engaged in gross sexual sin with Todd White?  Were you freinds with Todd White before he became a preacher?  Is he really as bad as he says he was?

Send your responses to [email protected].

I am (still) waiting.

For more on Todd White, see this resource from Fighting For the Faith:


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Seth Dunn

Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Member of the Evangelical Theological Society Certified Public Accountant