Video: Lisa Bevere Claims Supernatural Holy Spirit Weight Loss

A Biblical-level miracle would be to see a morbidly obese woman instantly transform into a size 6. It would not be gradual weight loss from adjusting eating habits and lifestyle. To a charismatic, everything is a miracle. And when everything is a miracle, nothing is. – JD Hall

Lisa Bevere and her husband, John, operate a ministry called Messenger International. The ministry exists, according to their website, “to develop uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world.” Lisa Bevere is a regular conference speaker at highly charismatic church conferences such as Bethel’s Women’s Conference, which lauds her teachings as “authentic, passionate, and witty,” while “weaving profound biblical truths with practical application.”

Lisa Bevere, in stark contrast to the biblical mandate of women’s silence in the church (1 Corinthians 14:34-35), she is a staunch advocate of female preachers in the church. Not only does she regularly fill in as a Sunday morning preacher at various churches, she also writes:

For centuries, a select few verses in the New Testament have been held over women to effectively limit their role and contribution in the church. But is this really what Jesus intended? If men are the only ones who are to preach, then what do we make of Jesus telling Mary Magdalene to go proclaim the news of His resurrection to His disciples? And what about when He gave the Great Commission? Jesus didn’t just give it to the men in attendance—He gave it to all. In case you were wondering, all includes women. In fact, I believe the Great Commission is exactly that—a co-mission, one that will take men and women working together in unison to fulfill.

Here she twists God’s commands to fulfill the Great Commission to mean that it is now acceptable for a female to assume teaching authority over men in the context of the church. All are called to evangelize, only men are called to teach and preach.

While giving lip-service to the authority of Scripture, Lisa Bevere actually rejects Sola Scriptura in favor of extra-biblical revelation. She is a proponent of the false teaching of “God-whispers,” or “heart whispers.” She regularly writes about how the Holy Spirit tells her things and gives her specific revelations.

Most recently, Bevere claims to have lost weight via the Holy Spirit on the satellite television sideshow known as Sid Roth’s “Supernatural.” The supernatural weight loss claim amounts to Bevere feeling better about herself and eating less.

Wow. Soooo supernatural.

Watch the video below. For other posts on Bevere, click here.

[Editor’s Note: HT Charisma Mag, Brandon Hines]