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Moore of Babylon

News Division

Moore of Babylon

The Moore of Babylon? It’s not uncommon these days to use ‘click bait’ titles to grab the attention of the reading audience – however is this article title a warning of things to come? As the title suggests, the topic is Beth Moore (and her fellow NARpostles). We explore there the possibility that her ministry is closely aligned with ‘the whore of Babylon, a world system controlled by the Antichrist during the last days before Jesus’ return’?

Revelation 17 goes into great detail about this evil system, a system that has been historically identified as Catholicism (and it’s interesting to note the links between the New Apostolic Reformation and the NARismatic members of the Catholic Church).

To begin, we point our readers to a 2017 Charisma Magazine article written by J. Lee Grady promoting Beth Moore.

How Beth Moore Is Calling Down Pentecostal Fire

The New Apostolic Reformation and the MCU:

Ps. Chris Rosebrough gave a comprehensive talk about women he called the ‘Mysti-Chicks‘ on his program ‘Fighting For The Faith’. In identifying key women in this group of women, we later called the actual global cult movement the Mysti-Chick Uprising (MC).

It’s because of the false ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ (NAR) Gospel, with their emphasis on the heretical ‘restoration’ heresy and their NAR networks, we are now having to deal with women (like Beth Moore) being given positions of unbiblical leadership in the church, usurping an authority given by God to men only.

“Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.” (1 Timothy 2:11-14)

Beth Moore and J. Lee Grady – both recognised as NAR Apostles:

It was the New Apostolic Reformation who gave Beth Moore the power and influence to infiltrate churches and denominations (and the Southern Baptist Convention). For example, Brian Houston is an Apostle of his Apostolic Network/Center known as Hillsong. He acknowledges in his vision statement that Hillsong is, “a church apostolic in calling” and “a network committed to the apostolic anointing of leaders.”

According to Hillsong, Beth Moore is one who would be carrying an ‘apostolic anointing’ as she is part of their ‘Apostolic’ network, often preaching at their churches and annual conferences. This is why NAR media organisations and other NAR Apostles would be promoting this particular ‘Apostle and Prophetess’ – she is advancing their theology and interests, not biblical Christianity.

Beth Moore and Lee Grady advocating NAR delusions:

J. Lee Grady (recognized as a NARpostle by John Paul Kelly and C. Peter Wagner in their Interational Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL)), wrote a pro-piece for ‘Apostle’ Beth Moore in the 2017 Charisma Magazine article.

In the article, J. Lee Grady promotes Beth Moore and her NAR theology and as is evident in this piece, they hide their theology and agendas behind denominational names. In this case, Grady states Moore is a Baptist while concealing the fact that she was advocating NAR theology:

“She added: “I want holy fire!”

I don’t know what is more fascinating—that a Baptist challenged Pentecostals to embrace Pentecostal fire or that a woman who is not supposed to preach to men in her own denomination brought male pastors to their knees in “repentance.”

It’s those in the NAR who preach “holy fire” and advocate women as apostolic leaders (see the Toronto Blessing 1994, Lakeland Revival 2008 and Pensacola Outpouring 1995). It’s not traditional Pentecostals (unfortunately the American Assemblies of God is ignorant of historic Pentecostalism) and definitely not Baptists who traditionally hold to cessationism.

This ‘Holy Fire’ that Moore promotes is in league with the ‘strange fire’ NARpostles want – the ‘power’ of God to change and/or have dominion over nations. The result of preaching this NAR ‘strange fire’ apparently brought pastors ‘to their knees’ because the anointing of the Holy Spirit wooed them to surrender pride, complacency and man-made religion. The NAR are very anti-establishment and anti-christ in their rebellion against a holy God who expects His people to practice pure and undefiled religion (see James 1).

Instead of accepting the clear teachings in God’s Word about leadership, Beth Moore and J. Lee Grady reject it, justifying their rebellion by attributing unbiblical characteristics to the Holy Spirit..

Typical of cults, J. Lee Grady provided the mantra-mill of twisted scriptures to justify Beth Moore’s apostate leadership. What is absolutely disgraceful about Grady’s defense of Beth Moore’s unbiblical status is that he claims: “Paul’s unique concern in 1 Timothy 2:12 was about women in Ephesus who were “usurping” authority and teaching twisted doctrines.” Yet Beth Moore is known around the world for her usurping of authority and has been exposed thoroughly for “teaching twisted doctrines.”

The Moore of Babylon?

Don’t let her smile fool you. This woman could be accurately described as ‘Apostate Incarnate.’ Initially starting her ministry teaching only women and with the help of the NAR, Beth Moore then proceeded to mainstream herself in meetings and churches with both men and women present. She has since spent her public life usurping church leadership through Christian conferences, giving the impression she is an Apostle/Prophet to God’s church with her claims that God speaks directly to her.

However, it’s the NAR’s unhealthy emphasis on conferences that is the tool they use to melt down denominational walls and corrupt male/female roles in the church to their advantage. Beth Moore has partnered with Apostolic Networks across the globe and through these networks gained access to vast unsuspecting audiences. This is exactly how Moore has gained legitimacy in the SBC.

It is these NARpostolic voices that are painting her as an exemplary figure to further their movement. You can see this clearly in how J. Lee Grady portrays her in the article:

“I believe she is a forerunner for a new generation of both men and women who will carry a holy Pentecostal fire that cannot be restricted by gender.”

Words like ‘forerunner’ or ‘army’ promote the idea of a second Pentecost by misusing Acts 2:17, a common ideology pushed in the NAR narrative.

Grady has no problem downgrading biblical Christianity when he states, “we should want to see the flame of the Spirit resting on the heads of every person—not just white males over 50”. This should warn us that these NARpostles actually hate Christians ‘contending earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints’ (Jude1:3). Instead they promote their man-made heretical ideologies by portraying biblical Christianity as though it is an exclusive ‘over 50s white male club.’

Finally, if as suggested Beth Moore is raised up to be president of the SBC, then the SBC have essentially surrendered willingly to the NAR cult. This is the movement that gave us Jim Jones, Kong Hee, Yonggi Cho, Sunday Adelaja, Frank Houston and his son Brian Houston. This is a movement that devastates third world countries with false apostles who exploit the most vulnerable in society. This is a movement infiltrating into the highest places within mainstream Christianity. It will be an indictment against the SBC if, in the future, Beth Moore wishes ‘to sit on them and happily drink the blood’ of those who question her divine Apostolic and Prophetic authority.

[Note: This article appeared first at Churchwatch Central. Forgive the British/Australian spelling of words; we won’t hold it against them]