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Revoice Conference: Connecting the Dots from Russell Moore to Drag Queens, RuPaul

Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet the words of knowledge. –Proverbs 14:7

On July 26, 2018, the Revoice Conference convenes at Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. The loud and clear call of this conference is ‘the Church must change to accommodate the inclusion of the “gay Christian.” On the surface, the intended outcome resides in the conference’s stated purpose:

“Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can flourish while observing the historic, Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.”

While in reality, the underlying goal is to repurpose the Church by adapting it for a use exponentially differently than has been orthodox Christianity for 2,000 years.

First of all, some pertinent background information will widen the scope of what’s lurking behind it. Secondly, a closer look at one of the scheduled presenters will shed some light on “who” will be speaking at the conference. And finally, the calamitous connection with Russell Moore.

The Man behind “Revoice” – Dr.Nate Collins

Dr. Nate Collins is the founder of Revoice. He “has served as an instructor of New Testament Interpretation at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary” (where he received his Ph.D.). In September 2017, Collins author the book All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of Faith, Gender, and Sexuality.: (source)

On his blog, allbutinvisible, he addresses the meaning of the phrase “Gay Christian:”

First, the way the word “gay” is most commonly used today is to refer to an orientation identity, and not to a specific pattern of behavior that Christians would think of as sinful. In other words, when most people hear the word “gay”, they don’t think of actual behavior, but instead a pattern of desire. I would say that these desires are inevitably experienced at some point as fallen desires, but that the sanctifying work of Christ can redeem some of them (the nonsexual ones). By analogy, nonstraight orientations are like a disability… in other words, the phrase “gay Christian” is more like the phrase “blind Christian” than “prideful Christian.”

After thirteen years of marriage and three children, Collins’ still self-identifies as “Same-Sex Attracted” (SSA).

Revoice Presenter – Branden Polk

Branden Polk, per his Twitter account, describes himself as a “Reader, writer, musician, lover of Jesus, poet, philosopher, and friend” (do note the order of importance). Additionally, Polk is the CEO and Founder of Arrowhead Advising. Arrowhead Advising Servus include both coaching and counseling to individuals and businesses with strategic means in “making a difference in the world.”

Allow me to introduce you to one of his good friends, Todrick Hall. Todrick Hall is a singer, dancer, director, and…wait for it…DRAG QUEEN. Hall is an activist for LGBTQ rights and inclusivism. Branden Polk has strong emotions and highly regards his friend, Todrick, from the moment he met him, and is a regular visitor to Hall’s “shows.”

Todrick Hall isn’t just your “ordinary” drag queen, he is connected…to RuPaul and his show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Hall has appeared on RuPaul’s show as early 2009 and as recent as May 10, 2018.

None of this should surprise anyone that Revoice has included Branden Polk as a presenter at the conference in July. What should surprise us is the relationship Branden Polk has with the President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Russell Moore.

The calamitous connection to Russell Moore

Arrowhead Advising LLC has performed contractual work for the ERLC strategically advising Russel Moore on both the 2017 Christ Centered Parenting Conference and the April 2018 MLK/50 Conference.

Russell Moore continues to be advised by Arrowhead Advising LLC on the ERLC’s Prison Reform Bill promotion.

It would be highly suspicious for Moore to claim that he’s unfamiliar with the facts and that he’s not working hand in hand with sex perverts knowing the background of Revoice and the friendship of Branden Polk and Todrick Hall. Why do Southern Baptists continue to send money to this progressive entity who partners with people like this who have an obvious agenda?