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Michelle Lesley Explains the Pharisee Card

At Pulpit & Pen we are often condemned as “pharisees.”  Such is the result of being polemical of and discerning about today’s money-and-popularity-driven evangelical industrial complex. This type of condemnation is such a frequent occurrence that we published an article, The Pharisee Card with which to page slap the frequent detractors who send us emails accusing us of being pharisaical.   The term “pharisee” has come to be abused, used as an epithet for anyone who would speak against unholiness and doctrinal error.  Michelle Lesley is a popular Christian blogger and a discerning critic of (what passes for) female-oriented Christian literature.  She is outspokenly polemical of popular authors such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Lysa Terkeurst, Jen Hatmaker, Anne Voskamp, Sarah Young, and Joyce Meyer.  I imagine she also frequently falls victim to being incorrectly labeled a pharisee.  That’s why I was glad to see a video she released today in which she provides an astute, biblically-grounded analysis of the proper use of the term “pharisee.”

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Seth Dunn

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