Presbyterian Minister Blesses Planned Parenthood Clinic, Serves as Clinic Chaplain

Marvin Ellison

Marvin Ellison is a Presbyterian minister. He is also the volunteer chaplain at a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Portland, where he “blesses” the operation in prayer.

Ellison wrote an op-ed in the Maine Press Herald

We’re proud to be part of a highly professional and highly caring health care team. Along with our Planned Parenthood colleagues, we’re committed to showing care and respect for the whole person, including her (or his) physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. As chaplains, we undertake this work not in spite of, but because of our faith and values.

It’s his belief in the Bible, Ellison says, that leads him to work for Planned Parenthood and not against them. In fact, God is absolutely for abortion. His role as a minister, he says, is to help given women “spiritual permission” to [kill their unborn child].

According to LifeSite News editor, Steven Ertelt, “And he is basically meeting with patients to, kind of, give them spiritual permission, if you will,for them to have abortions and kill their unborn children.”

Ellison continued in his op-ed

Recently our chaplains hosted a blessing of the Planned Parenthood health center here in Portland. We did so for three reasons. First, we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to the health center and its staff, patients, volunteers and supporters and celebrate the compassion, wisdom, courage and professionalism of this remarkable group of people.

Second, we wanted to acknowledge the very challenging cultural and political context in which the health center operates and give witness to the moral fortitude of the staff in providing high-quality care to patients while continuing to trust women and stand with them (as well as with their male patients) through thick and thin.

Third, we wanted to reaffirm the wider community’s support of Planned Parenthood. We believe in its mission and applaud its life-affirming values. As we said during the blessing, “We thank God for Planned Parenthood and for the amazing work you do, day in and day out, with passion, courage, wisdom and grace” (emphasis ours).

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