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Mother’s Day and Church: Beth Moore Doesn’t Get It

I was blessed this past Sunday to attend church with both my mother and mother-in-law.  I am grateful for the godly influence that both of these Christian women have had on the lives of my wife and myself.  I certainly had occasion this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, to celebrate that. First and foremost, I had occasion to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This is the occasion I and the rest of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ have every Sunday. Unfortunately, a significant portion of American evangelical culture has shifted the focus of church services held on Mother’s Day from the Lord to mothers.  This should not be the case. Turning the focus from Christ to mothers can be a cause for sorrow for many church members. America’s most notable ladies’ Bible teacher recognizes this:

Unfortunately, her advice is terrible.  Rather than address the problem of churches focusing on a secular holiday, Beth Moore advises Christians to skip church.  This is entirely wrong-headed. It is absolutely tragic that this patently unbiblical advice comes from a woman who is perhaps the most influential evangelical female in the world.  Skip church and write God a letter? Really.   A sound assessment of this issue comes from one of American’s more obscure Christian ministers.  Christian women would be wise to break free of Beth Moore and familiarize themselves with Justin Peters.  Beth Moore has once again proven herself utterly unqualified as a Bible teacher.  Mr. Peters has once again proven himself a source of Christian wisdom.

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