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A Warning to Christians: Don’t Fall Into the Trump Trap

What is the Trump Trap you may ask?

Well, essentially it’s a set-up.

I hate to sound so conspiratorial. But a simple analysis of current events reveals the greater strategy at play, including the further watering down of biblical doctrine and truth.

The election of Trump reflected the desperation of a nation continuously on the verge of constitutional crisis. Trump was certainly a flawed candidate, but he was the last man standing in opposition to the liberal establishment.

In the end, Hillary Clinton’s missed opportunity became the greater moral imperative for a weary and conflicted citizenry. The political, social and cultural establishment had seen fit to scorn and vilify any candidate for political office that was willing to take a firm, principled stance according to God’s commands and the law of the land. Once the few good men fell short of the votes needed to stay in the presidential race, Trump assumed his place as the most vulnerable, beatable, and least ideologically consistent candidate. This played directly into the hands of the Clinton campaign. However, she revealed herself to be so utterly void of any kind of ethical standard or accountability that she lost anyway. Trump would ultimately become the surprise default beneficiary of a bipartisan ‘Never Hillary’ campaign and a rejection of ‘politics-as-usual.’

Now that the smoke has finally cleared, a new narrative has appeared in which the so-called ‘white church’ is being branded racist and swiftly in need of cultural reform and reprogramming. An extra helping of ‘white guilt’ is being aggressively thrust upon us.

But are these accusations truly accurate or is this another smear tactic used to dramatically alter the religious and cultural landscape? When the Republican primary election was at its peak, Senator Ted Cruz dominated WORLD magazine’s evangelical insiders’ survey, which had been previously dominated by Senator Marco Rubio prior to his dropping out of the presidential race. At the time, 76 percent of “evangelical leaders and influencers” favored Ted Cruz vs. 5.1 percent for Trump. Around the same time, Pew Research reported that Trump was the preferred nominee of just 34% of those who attend religious services weekly. It was only when faced with the spectre of a Clinton presidential victory that a certain majority felt compelled to vote Trump to keep Hillary out of office.

Now, all of a sudden, the ‘white church’ is in need of a radical transformation that will take the emphasis off ‘first things’ and make the mission of the church more seeker sensitive and culturally compliant?

Jim Wallis, a lackey of George Soros, who constantly and consistently places politics over the gospel, has been using the election of Trump to spin his tired propaganda with renewed vigor. If we are paying attention, we can see the greater agenda to weaken, disrupt and distract the church.

Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos)

As we look at the bigger picture we must ask ourselves, why are white globalists such as George Soros funding (LGBT-affiliated) Black Lives Matter protests? Are white leftists so beyond reproach that they may freely place themselves upon the moral high ground? Are they the ones shaping nationwide narratives while in the process using a whole race of people, and their almost inherent sensitivities, to obtain a political advantage?

Are we to believe that a white hedge fund benefactor truly has the best intentions of the average black American, or any American for that matter, at heart? Why is a white leftist, one mired in godless criminality no less, more trustworthy?

They are so busy manipulating and crashing economies and rigging national elections that they haven’t the time nor the inclination to truly comprehend the plight of the oppressed. If we truly care, we should address these issues soundly and proportionally, not vaguely and irrationally.

In the meantime, Trump has been shaped and sold as a symbol of hate and division, and an excuse to unleash anarchy and rebellion, which is exactly what ‘they’ want. For better or for worse, he’s a lightning rod, without apology or excuse, and they’re perpetually exploiting it.

The unfortunate and inconvenient truth of the matter is that the-powers-that-be don’t want peace and unity but rather they will proceed to fan the flames in a widespread effort to maintain and increase racial disharmony and division. Their ultimate goal is to achieve tyrannical ‘order out of chaos.’ By removing the truths of the gospel from the equation their end game can become reality. The political and social pressures against the church are very strong as the evil one utilizes every tool at his disposal to gain an advantage over this fallen world. Regardless, God uses all things for His purposes and a remnant shall remain.

The Fine Art of Love and Spiritual Discernment

The true sign of love and unity, peace, and reconciliation, is not the lifting of one at the expense and vilification of the other, but rather, the need to understand that all bias and hatred is born of the depravity that dwells within us all. We should bear each other’s burdens in love as brothers and sisters in Christ.

I appreciate a few of the things Trump has done. I can’t imagine having to face the level of scrutiny he has endured (although he has brought some of it upon himself).

And yet, how preferable it would be to have a more spiritually grounded leader who can speak charitable truth without sacrificing an acknowledgment of the greater spiritual battle that threatens our civilization. We must remain sober and vigilant against all the lies and dark forces that abound while maintaining a love and compassion for the lost, broken ones who are currently estranged but are ripe for a return unto a truly awesome and merciful God.

[Contributed by A. Castellitto]