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To Be Empowered By The Holy Spirit — Paul Washer

Do you want to be filled and used by the Holy Spirit? I am talking about the filling and to be truly used of the real Holy Spirit, not what passes as the center ring event at a three-ringed circus. Then stop playing church and worship God and seek Him. We must be men that seek God. In this video, Paul Washer is clear that if we want to be used by the Holy Spirit in our lives, we must be seeking God, we must be honoring God; not only in public but in our private lives as well. Seeking the Lord is simply more than having a good bible study, it’s crying out to meet with the living God, to rely more on Him then on our own abilities, and to complete the tasks He gives us. If we want to be truly filled and used by the Holy Spirit we must always first seek the Lord. When we want to be used by the Holy Spirit we must make sure that we are in line with Scripture. Paul Washer warns that if we are not in God’s Word and seeking Him we will fall prey to deceptive and false teachings of what it is to be filled and to used by the Holy Spirit.

Richard Haas

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