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A Great Evil in Our Day – Child Sex Trafficking

From Penn State to Omaha Nebraska and many points in between, the abuse and exploitation of children is one of our nation’s biggest sins.

The associations run deep and like all things the cover-up enables and empowers the offenders.

We needn’t look further than the heinous activity and light sentencing of Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein to understand the culture of power and victimization at the heart of such atrocities.

How many political authorities are compromised? How many members of law enforcement look the other way? How is it that these type of horrific abuses against our most vulnerable members of society continue to occur on such a grand scale without proper exposure, accountability, and punishment?

In all places where Jesus is unknown, Satan will flourish. Jesus must shine brightly for evil to vanquish.

John DeCamp and the Franklin Cover-Up

Former Republican State Senator John DeCamp, who passed away in July of last year at the age of 76, was one of the few good guys. A moral crusader, DeCamp worked tirelessly in an attempt to expose pedophile rings in high places. He was the key and heroic figure in the middle of the little-known scandal based in Omaha, Nebraska with ties possibly as far reaching as Jerry Sandusky and Penn State.

Tragically, many of our political and religious institutions are obviously compromised and have been for quite some time.

Beyond JoePa: A Closer Look at The Second Mile

How a children’s charitable foundation founded by Jerry Sandusky swiftly became a house of horrors for underprivileged boys is the true story that lies underneath the Penn State scandal that led to the firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno. The spotlight should have shined much brighter than it has thus far. Was Joe Paterno essentially the sacrificial lamb to keep the emphasis off a much greater scandal? The answers may get lost in the haze of politics and special interests but there are many truth seekers that proceed to ask the hard questions. Not surprisingly, the MSM proceeds to be MIA, especially when it matters most.

The Second Mile’s Executive Director, Jack Raykovitz, is a particular person of interest. A Psychologist who headed the agency for at-risk youth for 28 years, Raykovitz had knowledge of Sandusky’s shenanigans since the very beginning, including two separate incidents in 1998 and 2001 in which he had showered with young boys. In his testimony regarding the 2001 episode, which was originally reported by graduate assistant Mike McQueary, Raykovitz stated that he informed several high-ranking board members of the incident and advised Sandusky to wear swim trunks when showering with children. This shocking admission goes a long way in confirming how negligent those charged with proper oversight of the foundation truly were. In 1998, when Sandusky was accused of similar behavior, a 6-week investigation ensued. Unfortunately, the DA on the case, Ray Gricar, concluded the allegations to be unsubstantiated based on a lack of evidence.

As per Pennsylvania law, if anyone associated with a child care agency is under investigation for child abuse, the agency and the welfare department are to work together to develop a written safety plan until the investigation is complete. Tragically, these steps were never initiated; a reality that defies logic outside the realm of cover and complicity.

Raykovitz, in particular, should have been subjected to much greater scrutiny in the whole investigation as he was the head person directly responsible for the safety of the children and the integrity of the foundation. Outside Sandusky, any investigation into child abuses against the boys of The Second Mile should have begun and ended directly with him, his staff, and the few executive board members in the know, as a wall of secrecy hovered over the charity like a dark cloud. But ultimately, all we got was Paterno under a microscope, as is the case throughout the newly released HBO depiction of the scandal starring Al Pacino as the much beleaguered JoePa.

The Second Mile officially ceased operations after transferring its programs and remaining assets to Arrow Child & Family Ministries. However, many questions still remain…

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Please pray for the children throughout the world. Only in Christ are we truly safe.

[Contributed by Anthony Castellitto]