On Leaving the SBC

The entire ministry of Pulpit & Pen began as a web-log of doctrinal Downgrade in the Southern Baptist Convention. Having been born, raised, educated, ordained, and working for the Southern Baptist Convention virtually my entire life, I saw the ground gained in the Conservative Resurgence on Scriptural inerrancy crumble into sand by the Convention’s general growing denial of Scriptural sufficiency.

I set about to write a list of my problems with the SBC, in one final swan-song of separation from this unrepentant beast of an organization. But then, I realized that’s basically what Pulpit & Pen is, in total. Why repeat what has been documented daily and so with so many details on this website?

Betraying the Gospel in the name of political correctness at the SBC-sponsored MLK50 event was final straw. Yesterday, I said goodbye. Watch the video below.


by JD