Bethel Prosperity Preacher, Kris Vallotton, Has New Corvette “Keyed”

Kris Vollotton with his Corvette sports car.


The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. — 2Thessalonians 2: 9-12 (ESV)

There is little doubt to those who believe that we are living in the end times. The groans of childbirth grow closer and closer together. Wars, rumors of wars, frequency of earthquakes, all abound. The love of most growing colder by the day. Things that were not allowed in society just 50 years ago are mainstream television fodder today. Those who walk along the broad path to destruction grow by the minute as people continue to gather around themselves people who will say what their itching ears want to hear. That sin doesn’t matter. That they are the head and not the tail. That God wants them rich beyond their greedy dreams of avarice.

This was the car recently bought by Kris Vollotton’s wife (pictured) for his birthday.

Kris Vallotton specializes in that last one. Along with the false teachings of mandatory healing, teaching the gifts of the spirit, false signs and lying wonders and the dominionist NAR — Kris’ specialty is being a prosperity pimp. He just released a new heretical book on the matter. I bring Kris up along with the commentary on the end times in relation to the key verses today from Second Thessalonians. People are often confused by eschatology and trying to discern what will happen as we grow closer to the second coming of Jesus Christ. I understand why. I understand that reading the key verses one often is left wondering why God would send a strong delusion to ensure that people who believe falsely will continue in their unbelief. We must realize that the context reveals that they had ample opportunity to repent of their wickedness and false teachings. Read the verse! They have refused to love the truth and so be saved! Keep these in mind the next time someone asks a discernment minister if they have reached out to the wolf in question or prayed for them as opposed to exposing their lies to the body of Christ. God has sent them a strong delusion because as we read in other portions of Scripture, their destruction was settled a long time ago.

You can often see this delusion at work in the things they believe, the way they respond to things, and of course their teaching. Joel Osteen for example has said that doctrine is not his gifting. What a ridiculously inane statement for an alleged preacher to make. Without doctrine you are not a preacher to begin with. Listen to Bill Johnson talk about angel feathers randomly falling all around him at a diner and you have to wonder if he is insane or so strongly deluded that he believes this could happen and that if it did God would have anything to do with it. Kim Walker-Smith of Jesus Culture has this demonic testimony of visiting the throne room and meeting Father God face to face. Now I believe she believes it but the Bible assures me she would be dead if such a meeting occurred; read Exodus 33. This is what the strong delusion looks like. For a more recent example, let us turn to Vallotton who had a very unpleasant experience this weekend at an Outback Steakhouse. Let us reason together through his Facebook post as we marvel at the strong delusion in action:

“Yesterday, while we were at dinner at Outback somebody keyed the side of my car from the front to the back! It’s kind of sad that people can destroy other people’s hard earned stuff.” — Kris Vallotton

Beloved, keep in mind that Kris posted a picture of the damaged side of his 2016 Corvette. The disconnect here that many in the church would probably not relate to the second pastor of Bethel church owning a $60,000 automobile to begin. Can’t really blame Kris here since his pastor, Bill Johnson, drives an Aston Martin, which start well into the six figures. The delusion is not so much in the willingness to spend so much money on carnality while preaching, but rather to think that what you have is “hard earned.” Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton have made their millions fleecing the flock of God. They have made their hard earned fortunes by robbing God’s people. For thousands of dollars per semester they will teach you the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you are thinking, “hey I thought only the Spirit can give those,” you are correct. The other primary revenue stream for them is in the sales of their egregiously false books. Vallotton’s latest appears to be his worst yet. He falsely asserts that Jesus talked more about money in His parables than any other subject and claims that Jesus clothes were the modern day equivalent of an Armani suit. Remember; strong delusion.

“On the other hand I often feel like God can use negative things in our life to test our hearts. I like my car a lot, but it’s just a car, it’s not a Idol… I don’t live for it… and I don’t get my identity from it.” — Kris Vallotton

Not an idol from which you draw your identity? Yet you feel compelled to post a picture of it after someone keyed it? Let me proffer the notion that you do idolize your car — just like when you posted a picture of it when your wife “gave it to you.” Let me proffer another notion Kris — God keyed your car. Not out of mischief or malice but to show how the strong delusion works. Realize that because God is sovereign over everything, at the least He allowed the keying of your car through His permissive will. Maybe He was hoping you would humbly repaint the car and move onto writing your next pile of heresy about how God wants everyone to have a Corvette and to experience the valley of having it keyed. That’ll preach; well at least at Bethel.

“I pray for those people who tried to destroy my stuff. They are enemies that need love not vengeance, unforgiveness, or hatefulness. I asked God to bless them and help them to see His goodness in the world around them.” — Kris Vallotton

Wow, how magnanimous of you after posting the picture of your damaged car. You see Kris, it doesn’t sound like you are praying for them. It sounds like you are calling them out, shaming them, and then pretending to take the high road by pretending you didn’t just do that! You robbed the people of God, took their money to buy yourself a high end sports car, and did so while standing in a pulpit pretending you are a servant of Jesus Christ? While I do not condone vandalism, I can understand why someone may have viewed your car as everything wrong with the church today. I can certainly understand why God would let someone key it. It is fascinating to watch the delusion in action, as Kris concludes:

“When the officer was writing up the police report she asked me if I had any enemies? Do I have any enemies? Yes! Absolutely! Jesus said to love your enemies so you have to have some. If you’re doing anything for God you will have enemies. I hope to be doing enough good in the world that hell knows my name. I count it a privilege to have enemies for I am in good company.” — Kris Vallotton

Dude, someone keyed your car. It’s not like Isis has demanded you renounce Christ or die. Even though God allowed it, that doesn’t mean the event could not have been totally random. If it were not however, how deluded are you? To think that you have enemies because of your work in the church is ludicrous. Do not fret Kris — all of hell knows your name. They cheer you on every day. With every soul you lead astray. With every person you convince to walk down the broad path with your greed laced false gospel. They know your name for sure. I would say repent but as the key verses teach us, you are already under a great delusion sent by God. You know the true Gospel but you reject it and thus you are an enemy of it. Instead you prostitute God for a living and it has been a lucrative living you have made. Lucrative enough to own a very nice sports car. God allowed someone to take a key to it this weekend and I only know because you are so deluded that you thought you were being high-minded and noble by posting a picture of your damaged sports car and proclaiming enemies of God must be behind it! Let me check one more time for you; nope I have it confirmed now in my spirit.

God keyed your car.

Reverend Anthony Wade — April 2, 2018



[Editor’s Note: This article was first published by 828 Ministries, here]


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