Greg Locke Attacks Stormy Daniels, Slammed by Bill Kristol

Greg Locke is the Facebook-famous pastor in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, who hid from his millions of followers that he sent his wife to go live in a women’s shelter so he could gallivant around town with his secretary. At first, Locke claimed he was abandoned. But then, Pulpit & Pen released text messages from Locke in which he verbally abused his wife, dropped the “f-word” and “b-word” on her, fat-shamed her for gaining back some weight, and demanded she take off her wedding rings. Locke also claimed the she divorced him and it was already final; in reality, Locke’s wife was trying to come home and when she persisted in trying to reconcile, Locke went and filed for divorce himself. Locke, who is best known for mixing Jesus with politics, recently drew the ire of national political figures for attacking Stormy Daniels as a “hooker.”

Daniels, a porn actress, is the apparent one-time lover of Donald Trump, whose attorney paid her for her silence (that apparently didn’t work very well). Daniels appeared Sunday evening on 60 Minutes to tell her side of the story, with Trump being mute on his side. According to Ms. Daniels, she had a fornicative affair with Trump in 2006, while he was married to now-First Lady, Melania. Daniels also claims that someone – ostensibly someone sent by Trump – threatened her to be quiet about the affair. Pastor Greg Locke, who according to local sources in Mt. Juliet, sent text messages to some in his congregation, and according to the testimony of some of Locke’s family members and the family members of the “other woman,” Locke is also having an affair.

But, Tai McGee is not a hooker; she’s the church secretary. Daniels isn’t a hooker either, in the conventional sense, although she does have sex for money so there’s no reason to belabor the point. The real difference here is between Donald Trump and Greg Locke. According to the public record, Donald Trump may have cheated on his wives, but he never sent them away broke and destitute to go live in a woman’s shelter. That was Greg Locke.

A pastor might stop to consider if the president and a porn actress will wind up in the same hell (which it sounds like they might), their vocation at the moment may really not matter that much. Greg Locke, however, seems to have a vested interest in defending men from the criticism of adultery. Hmmm…we wonder why that would be.

Twitter noticed the hypocrisy from Locke.

There was no shortage of people berating Christianity on account of Locke’s hypocrisy. He should have figured out that defending a man who’s been unfaithful to his wives is probably not a good thing for him to do at the moment. However, it wasn’t just random people who went after Locke. Some of conservatism’s most stalwart leaders took Locke to task for his woefully self-unaware tweet.

Locke was quick to brush off the rebukes as being “from a bunch of liberals” and “fake moral freedom fighters,” invoking the name of Bill Clinton. Of course, when it comes to Locke’s own adultery and mistreatment of his wife, his primary critics have not been the LGBT or liberals, but conservative Christians who are aghast at the man’s wicked lack of repentance.

We’re glad to see the news is getting out.


[Editor’s Note: HT Raw Story, Christian Post]