South Carolina Abortion Clinic Caught Selling Box of Dead Babies

This is a screen-grab of the video of a South Carolina abortion clinic transporting a box of dead babies to a gas station, and being paid by someone to take them away.

What do you do with human beings after you murder them? This has always been a problem for mass murderers. For Hitler, the solution was the ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau. For Pol Pot in the Cambodian genocide, the solution was mass graves. For the Rwandan genocide among the Hutu and Tutsi, the solution was just to let the bodies rot in the open as a warning to others. What then is the solution for America’s abortion providers to dispose of roughly 3,000 dead babies per day? One abortion clinic would just casually shove the corpses in a janitor’s closet. Another clinic – contrary to state law – was disposing of the baby corpses in the local landfill. Another abortion clinic just shoved them in the freezer. Another abortion provider claims to have burned them in a bonfire. The infamous abortion provider, Kermit Gosnell, kept baby parts in the fridge, right next to edible leftovers. Well, one South Carolina abortion clinic has been caught on video selling a box of dead babies out of a car and has been penalized by governing authorities with a fine.

On three different occasions, videos were taken demonstrating the Greenville Women’s Clinic illegally transporting dead babies in a passenger/personal vehicle and transferring the aborted baby body parts to a waste truck at a gas station, much like you would expect to see a drug deal. These are illegal transactions, and the State of South Carolina has noted at least five such transactions happened recently. Letters from the SDHEC’s Bureau of Land and Waste Management Division of Compliance and Enforcement say that this breaks South Carolina’s Infectious Waste Management Regulation 61-105.

In total, the Greenville Women’s Center (GWC) violated nine regulations which include transferring and “storing infectious waste” (dead babies), transferring waste at a non-designated facility, not having cargo-carrying containters or a properly marked transport vehicle (we would imagine “dead baby transfers in progress don’t make for good public relations”; even “Planned Parenthood Waste Disposal” would be a PR nightmare), not being a registered transporter of waste and not having an infectious waste management plan.

A pro-life group, Created Equal, did the research and created the video of the transactions.

According to reports, this wasn’t a transaction in which the clinic was handing over the box of dead babies for disposal, but for research or use. In other words, the clinic didn’t pay to have the babies taken away, rather, the clinic was paid to have the babies taken away.

In other, equally as disturbing news, South Carolina law calls dead babies “infectious waste.” The solution is not more bureaucratic red tape or slap-on-the-wrist fines, but the complete and total abolition of abortion.