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Snoop Dogg is #1 on “Christian and Gospel” Section of iTunes (Not Satire)

Pulpit & Pen reported in September of 2017 that the rap artist, Snoop Dogg, was producing a Gospel album. Snoop Dogg’s album has now debuted and is ranked as the top-downloaded “Gospel and Christian” album on iTunes.

As we reported last year…

Snoop Dogg is producing a “gospel” album? Fo shizzle, my nizzle. The profane, rapping, pot aficionado is committed to creating and starring in a gospel music album, this according to Instagram. Many of his 19.3 million followers were very excited…In a radio interview, Mr. Dogg iterated his commitment to the project, saying, “It’s always been on my heart, I just never got around to it ’cause I always be doing gangster business or doin’ this or doin’ that.” The studio seemed excited.

Snoop Dogg’s album is called, Snoop Dogg: Bible of Love. The Christian Broadcasting Network reported on its release here and reports the album was recorded entirely in church.

According to Pop Vortex, which is a website that ranks albums and songs downloaded at the popular Apple program, iTunes, ranks Snoop Dogg’s album at number one in volume. Dogg’s album is even higher than the number 2 contender, Mercy Me‘s, I Can Only Imagine: The Best of Mercy Me, which has risen in popularity thanks to the movie their song inspired now being in theaters and creating Hollywood buzz.

PopVortex is not alone. The website, iTunesCharts.Net, also ranks Snoop Dogg’s album at number one under the Christian category.

To be fair, it is probably unlikely that the majority of those downloading Dogg’s album are typical consumers of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), and are instead Dogg’s already-built consumer base who are crossing over genres to purchase the latest album of their favorite artist. The question is if whether or not Christians should be excited about the possibility of non-believers picking up the tattered remnants of Dogg’s defective faith or if Christians should be offended that he financially profiteer off of a religion he clearly doesn’t adhere to in any tangible way.

What are your thoughts?


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