Beth Moore Says Fighting Donald Trump is A Fight for the Faith

Beth Moore, who is a wildly popular female Bible teacher heavily promoted in evangelical circles and aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway Christian Resources, has steadily been opposing President Donald Trump since his presidential primary. She is not on record ever having opposed President Barack Obama.

Moore, who claims to hear audibly from God – going so far as writing down what she says God specifically told her – said in a tweet this week that getting political was necessary because of the “mountain of manure hitting the fan” and that for her and others it is a “fight for the faith.” As President Barack Obama was actively seeking to increase abortions nationwide, lighting up the White House in rainbow-colored flood lights and challenging the Right of Conscience for traditional family advocates, it was apparently not a giant pile of manure hitting the fan. But Trump’s policies, somehow, now must be opposed in the name of fighting for the faith.

The context of Moore’s March 12 tweet is Donald Trump. Moore has received heated criticism from the Soccer Mom contingent of Republican voters, who happen to be the very same demographic that is prone to follow Christian mommy-bloggers and read Beth Moore. A plethora of articles online have detailed Moore’s constant hen-pecking of Trump in social media, for which she receives accolades from some and condemnation from others. Riding a wave of virtue-signaling, wind-shifting popular public opinion, Moore has determined to err on the side of feminism and political correctness.

The problem for many isn’t that Moore has spoken out against the President’s lascivious sexual behavior or inexcusable foul speech (and shame on anyone excusing it), but the problem is that Moore was eerily quiet for eight years of the Obama administration’s war on unborn children and policies that were anti-humanity, anti-God, and anti-family. For many, that silence is actually loud (in comparison) to her squawking among the chorus of women shrieking about the President’s uncouth speech.

Cheering on her tweet was close Beth Moore associate, Jen Hatmaker – another lady preacher and mommy blogger – who recently came out in support of sodomy-based relationships. Although Lifeway (Moore’s chief patron) stopped selling Hatmaker books, Moore has continued her close affiliation with Hatmaker in spite of Hatmaker’s heretical doctrines. Even the Washington Post has noticed Beth Moore teaming up with Hatmaker to be constant co-belligerents against various conservative policies.

Hatmaker chimed in, saying, “None of us wanted to be soldiers in this battle. But how could we possibly stay silent when our neighbors and our faith’s integrity are on the line?”

Hatmaker, of course, is on the other side of this battle. She is on the side of the LGBTQXYZLMNOP lobby. Whose side is Beth Moore on?

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