Cardinal Cupich Says It’s a Sin to Convert Jews to Christianity

Cardinal Cupich, of the Archdiocese of Chicago

The Romanist Church has always been deeply, deeply antisemitic. But perhaps the most unloving thing the Papacy has ever done to the Jewish people (yes, even worse than perpetuating several Jewish genocides) is their recent claim that Jews shouldn’t be converted to the Christian faith. While we are happy that the Romanists – with their false gospel – are not setting their sights on proselytizing the Jewish people to their false religion, it is hateful and bigoted to claim that Jews don’t need Christ. And yet, that’s precisely what Chicago Archdiocese Cardinal Cupich just did.

Cardinal Cupich, who is over the Archdiocese of Chicago, recently made the remark that it is “a sin” to try to convert Jews and those of other religions. He made the comments while at the progressive North Shore Congregation Synagogue. Paraphrasing Pope Francis to undergird his remarks, Cupich explained his dislike for Catholic policy not allowing the marriage between Roman Catholics and Jews or other faiths, calling it, “ridiculous.” He explained that the church no longer views the Jews as needing Christianity, and therefore forbidding inter-religious marriages is no longer a component of necessary proselytization.

Cupich told the Synagogue:

Sadly, mission efforts by Catholics and some other Christian communities have not always avoided these sins. There have been times when human and financial support have been tied to conversion. Other times, conversion was required through the force of state power or ecclesial power. Still others, and even in our day, deception is found in the presentation of Christianity to others. Often this means presenting only the positive elements of one’s religion in contrast to the weaknesses of the other. Again, we have to admit, frankly, that Catholics have not been free from such attitudes and actions.

In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II acknowledged the errors born of missionary zeal and a false sense of service to the truth. This is what he said: ‘Let us ask pardon for the violence some have used in the service of the truth and for the distressful and hostile attitude sometimes taken towards the followers of other religions. We humbly ask forgiveness for the part which each of us has had in these evils by our own actions, thus helping to disfigure the face of the Church.’ Tonight, if any of you have experienced anything of this nature from Catholics in your own life, I too ask your forgiveness.

Cupich claimed that Vatican II clarified that people don’t need to be converted to Christianity in order to be saved:

Some people today worry that the new stress on evangelization by the Catholic Church means that we are abandoning our commitments made in Vatican II about ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue and religious freedom. I want to be clear as possible tonight: we will not abandon these commitments, either here in Chicago or throughout the universal church. For abandoning them would mean abandoning who we are, who we claim to be.

According to LifeSite News, Cupich also quoted documents from the U.S. bishops and high-ranking Vatican prelates that essentially tell Catholics not to try to convert Jews to Catholicism. You can watch it all in the video here.