Male Prostitution Big Business at Vatican


The world is shocked upon hearing that there is a seedy world of priests at the Vatican who pay for sex with other males. But given the history of the Roman Catholic Church and its tragic celibacy policy, homosexuality, pedophilia and even bestiality are all-too-common among the priesthood. Forbidding to marry or to engage in the holy sexual union of marriage is a sign of works-righteousness and pagan religion (1 Timothy 4:3). The consequences of demanding celibacy have been terrible and are regularly read about in the daily newspaper.

A male escort named Francesco Mangiacapra compiled a 1200 page dossier identifying more than 34 actively gay priests and six gay seminarians at the Vatican. How did he know who the were? Personal…experience.

Cardinal Cresenzio Sepe of the Archdiocese of Naples forwarded the dossier to the Vatican, even though none of the priests identified were in Naples, because he felt that the corruption near and in the Vatican City should be exposed.

The dossier compiled by the male prostitute mostly contains conversations and evidence produced by a gay “hookup” apps like WhatsApp, Grindr and Telegram, where the priests would arrange for sexual encounters with the gigolo. Information provided from social media platforms like Facebook were provided as well.

A book was printed on the subject of the gay priest subculture of the Vatican last March, but it was largely ignored by the Romanists. So then, the male prostitute compiled the raw data into the dossier and began to send it to people who he felt would expose it. He did so, he says, because he could no longer stand the hypocrisy of the church.

Just as it is in America, the religious press wouldn’t publish the material because it would be viewed as damning, and so the secular press had to do it for them. The so-called, “Italian Version of Drudge Report,” Dagospia, looked at the data and began to publish the material (source link, but it contains unwholesome imagery, so we advise caution).

In between images of male anatomy, the screenshots display a Clayton Jennings-level of detachment from true religion. They reveal priests inviting along the gay escort to an ordination and having sodomy relations in between Mass services.

The prostitute said, “I did it for the health of the church. We are talking about bad apples which, in my opinion, should be reduced to the lay state not to be punished but to have the opportunity to come into contact and reconcile with their own homosexuality. As a person who enjoys sexual freedom, I do not condemn the homosexuality of the priests: Homosexuality is not a crime, what is condemned is the incoherence of these priests.”

On a side note, Homosexuality is a crime, at least against God, because “sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4).

When Pope Francis argued that the Romanist church should be more welcoming to homosexuals, it seems that it was an unnecessary gesture.