Hillsong Music Video Displays Creepy Ghosts and Bloody Rain.

Hillsong’s latest video to feature ghosts and a rainstorm of blood.

As bizarre as some of them can be, even Charismatics have found the new Hillsong music video to be bizarre. Charisma Mag described it as “trippy” and “featuring ghosts” and a “rainstorm of blood.” The lyrics to their new song, P.E.A.C.E., are – as they usually are – generic and meaningless, with only the vaguest reference to any Scripture. It is not however the doctrine-deaf lyrics of Hillsong that have people scratching their heads, but their odd and unsettling music video for the song.

You can watch it below.


In our post, Why Hillsong Music is Dangerous for Your Church, we explained that the doctrinally shallow and theologically deceptive mega church is attracting young people to their movement mostly by the snare of catchy music. Called the “Arian Snare” or “Snarianism” for short, cults have been attracting people through – what seems to be – perfectly innocent music for thousands of years. We explained in that post…

Popular songs like Oceans and Forever Reign with lyrics like “Spirit lead me, where my trust is without borders,” and “nothing compares to your embrace” fill the IMAG screens of Baptist churches, Methodist churches, Pentecostal churches, Catholic churches–churches of every kind during Sunday morning worship. From raging electric guitars, drums, and professional soloists to small choirs with nothing more than a keyboard and a few singers, the music is emotionally captivating, bringing many to tears and arms lifted high, as they sing out praises to God.

So what’s not to like?

First, Hillsong is a cult. Particularly, a cult of personality. In a blog post on Hillsong’s website entitled Five Things That Should Matter to a Worship Leader, one of Hillsong’s foremost worship leaders, Jonathan Douglass writes:

2. We are about fulfilling our Senior Pastor’s vision (not our own)

It is so important that as amazing as our creative ideas might be, if they don’t ultimately line up with what our Senior Pastor and leaders want, then we happily put them aside.The church doesn’t exist to build our worship teams… our worship teams exist to build the Church!!

Here’s the problem. Biblical churches don’t exist to fulfill a leader’s “vision.” They exist to worship and glorify God in the making of disciples by the preaching and teaching of the Scriptures.

While teenagers are writhing ecstatically to Hillsong’s latest and unsuspecting churches are singing their vain and vapid, meaningless but catchy lyrics, they’re also slowly but surely being led astray into the Word-Faith and prosperity theology of this man-centered cult.

Read the rest of our post on Hillsong here.

In the meantime, we’re not sure exactly what ghosts and wiggling seductively in a bloodstorm has to do either with the song lyrics or Christianity. In fact, the only known lyrical reference to raining blood is from a very ungodly song by the pagan death metal band, Slayer, entitled, Raining Blood.