Ian Paisley Preaching Against Billy Graham and the Pope

Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley was a one-of-a-kind preacher. Founder of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party and a member of European Parliament, Paisley helped to transform Northern Ireland for the Gospel and served as a bulwark against the pro-Roman Catholic ecumenism of Billy Graham that ravaged Protestantism in Europe.

This excerpt is taken from Paisley’s famous sermon Fundamentalism vs Apostasy:

The next video, much longer, is a full sermon about Billy Graham, his ecumenism, and the Pope.

According to a 1972 article, Paisley said of Graham that he had “departed completely from the Reformation viewpoint concerning the Church of Rome…He looks upon that Church as a Christian Church, and when Roman Catholics profess conversion at his campaigns he directs them back to the Roman Catholic Church.”

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