Church Gives Transgender Pastor a “Renaming” Ceremony

Sorry for use of the word, “transgender,” in the title of the post. In reality, no one is transgender because gender isn’t fluid, is tied intrinsically to sex, and neither sex nor gender are changeable. It’s just that “person who thinks they’re transgender” makes for a long title.

St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church in Hoboken has renamed their pastor, Rose Beeson, and now officially call her the name of the Apostle, Peter. The church – whose motto is “where tradition and inclusivity meet” – is a congregation formed by the merger of the Scandinavian Lutheran Church and the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, and currently affiliates with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA).

Rose Beeson tells the press that the church has been very supportive. With the newscasters obnoxiously calling her “him” and referring to Rose as “Peter,” they excitedly tell her story below.

“Both I and the congregation thought it was even more important [because of the election of President Trump], to be a bold voice to say ‘Christians also believe transgender people are good and created in the image of God.”

When asked if she’s received pushback, she said, “There are internet trolls and people like that.”

The fact is the woman is not a man. She is not a he. And finally, she is not a pastor. The so-called ‘church’ needs to be reminded that they have no authority on this Earth to change a gender, for it is God alone who “hath made them both male and female and blessed them” (Genesis 5:2).