Charismatic Prophetess Claims She Killed Flu Demons With Sword, and 2018 Flu Season Over

Earlier in the week, New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) prophetess, Gloria Copeland, “bound the spirit” the of the flu and instructed her listeners to not get the flu shot because they had already been inoculated by the Holy Spirit. Copeland claimed, citing Isaiah 53 and its various paraphrases in the New Testament, that Jesus took the flu for us and that Christians could not get sick.

It’s curious, then, that another NAR prophetess, Patricia King, has been violently sick with the flu. She apparently didn’t hear that Gloria Copeland had bound the flu by faith. She posted on her Facebook page…

King says that she has been fighting the flu for more than two weeks. Have no fear, however, for she has ascended into the heavens to inquire a solution to it.

According to King, her journey to Heaven led her to see clouds of “plague and death,” after which she was given a sword to cut off the heads of demons releasing the plagues of death,” IE, the influenza virus. King wielded her sword to kill the flu demons and they were halted. Then, God pronounced that the flu virus had been “finished.” Then, King explains that she has a new course at the Patricia King Institute which will teach her followers how they too can ascend into the spirit realm to settle matters like this on Earth.

King says that in spite of the medical community saying that the flu virus may last until May, she has personally killed it and it’s going to diminish.

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