New Documentary to Expose Marxist Movement in Evangelicalism

Pulpit & Pen is excited to announce a new documentary exposing a relatively recent group of enemies within the especially American church. From a stellar team of producers (Trevor Loudon, Cary Gordon and Curtis Bowers) and director (Judd Saul), the film is slated for release this Fall.

From the official website

“Enemies Within: The Church” will provide evidence exposing these false teachers and their underlying agenda to undermine the influence of Christ across the world.

Every single problem we face in the western world is, ultimately, a theological one, and every solution a theological absolute.

Whatever happened to living a powerful, transformative, nation-shaking Christianity? You know…the kind Jesus brought the world?

Something dressed to look like Christianity is thriving here in America, but is it a counterfeit? It certainly resembles Christianity, but most of the people I know sense that something is very wrong.

Cashiers tell us that the best way to recognize a counterfeit bill is not by studying counterfeit money, but by getting intimately familiar with the real thing so that you can easily discern the fake.

Maybe that’s a part of our problem today? Maybe, just maybe, the present generation calling themselves “Christians” really believe that they are, because they are unequipped to recognize counterfeits… Maybe they have fallen victim to contemporary heresies like the “social justice” gospel.

When we look at history, the western church of today is barely an empty caricature of herself during much healthier eras of days gone by.

The Bible is very clear that evil is present in the world. On the political level we saw in the twentieth century the twin evils of Communism and Fascism slaughter nearly 200 million human beings. Both forces attempted to co-opt Christianity to serve their goals.

Does evil still exist? A silly question, but one that is seldom addressed in most churches today. What if evil forces are indeed infiltrating today’s churches? What if these forces are twisting doctrine and thereby deceiving well-meaning Christians for its own purposes?

Why does Matthew 10:16 warn us ” Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolvesso be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”  Why does John 8.44 call the devil the “Father of Lies”?

This documentary will name the names and expose the organizations which are at work to cripple the Christian Church and crumble it’s foundations.

The filmmakers are in need of an infusion of finances to further its development, as shown below.
With groups like The Gospel Coalition and the ERLC being taken over by Cultural and Economic Marxists, it’s important that we assist in warning the church through this project. You can donate by clicking here.