The Gospel Coalition Says Church Should Be “Safe Space” for Homosexuals

The leftist [Social] Gospel Coalition wants your church to know how it can be a “safe space” for homosexuals. Written by Rachel Gilson, the “director of theological development” at Campus Crusades for Christ (CRU) Northeast, the post wags its literary finger at readers within the local church, shaming them for not being a safe enough of a place for people to live in their sin.

Gilson is a lesbian who wrote about her experiences at Christianity Today in a post entitled, “I Never Became Straight. Perhaps That Was Never God’s Goal.” In that article, she made the astonishing claim, “Slowly, I came to understand that ‘making me straight’ wasn’t the answer. There is no biblical command to be heterosexual.” Of course, being fruitful and multiplying – a central command from God to humanity – is a pretty clear requirement of heterosexuality. Homosexuals are clearly incapable of this reproductive fruitfulness.

Gilson, like so many others in recent years, have promoted the idea of a celebrated “eunuch class” of Christians (those with “Same Sex Attaction” who remain celibate). Although Gilson married (reluctantly) and is still physically attracted to females and not her husband, she insists that just accepting her homosexuality is what the church must do, so long as she does not act upon it.

Evangelicals are quickly abandoning the notion of a sanctifying Spirit who conforms us to the image of Christ and changes us from our most inward parts, replacing our sinful nature with a new one. Denying the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, those promoting eunuch Christianity are contradicting the very thing Jesus taught us in the Sermon on the Mount; a sin of the heart is still a sin, whether or not it’s acted upon.

What these leftist Christians at The Gospel Coalition want us to believe is that the desire for homosexuality, in and of itself, is not a sin. The church, therefore, should embrace your “orientation” and celebrate you for not practicing the sin you desire. While we should certainly walk with and encourage one who struggles with sin and resists its further cultivation, we cannot go so far as to deny that Same Sex Attaction (SSA) even if not acted upon is itself a sin for which one should repent.

Gilson, however, writes at TGC…

Lily was crushed. She’d told just a member of her church her secret, and the member warned her that if anyone else found out, she would probably lose her position teaching the youth. What was this secret so deadly that she would be warned to hide it?

Lily is same-sex attracted.

Neither the struggle nor the terror is uncommon. How, then, do we create an environment in our churches, small groups, and families where we can even have this conversation, where Lily can share her struggle without fear?

First, we would hope and pray that the church is a “safe space” for every sinner who desires to repent. That does not mean, however, that someone who is struggling with the lust toward children should work in the nursery. And if anyone says it’s apples and oranges, I’d dare them to explain why then someone struggling with same-sex attraction should be teaching impressionable youth of the same sex. It’s apples and apples.

In the meantime, the term, “safe space,” was created by the LGBTQXYZLMNOP cabal within educational institutions to “protect” LGBTQXYZLMNOP individuals from being exposed to ideas or speech that make them uncomfortable. Repentance is uncomfortable. Confessing any sin – no matter what it is – is uncomfortable. Church is not the place to go to feel comfortable. It is the place to go to hear about a wonderful Savior who died for sins like Same Sex Attraction.

[Editor’s Note: The above article, “I Never Became Straight” is behind the pay-wall at Christianity Astray, but you can find it here on Facebook for free]