After Failure to Heal Child, Bethel Church Claims They’ve Healed 10 Thousand of PTSD

Behold, the power of God.

That’s what someone probably said when they watched Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, or when they saw Paul heal people by having them touch his handkerchief, or saw the Apostles heal the paralyzed from birth, the blind from birth, or heal life-long deaf-mutes. That’s something that would be said when an actual sign or wonder was performed by Apostolic power, the type of miracles done in the New Testament.

That is not something anyone would say to hear Bill Johnson brag about “healing” people of an invisible, hard-to-define, mental ailment. Bill Johnson, who himself wears glasses, was unable to heal the child of Bethel’s music CEO only a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the child received medical care for E Coli and recovered as a result of receiving intravenous fluids. The same Bethel that couldn’t remedy an actual physical problem that was curable by hydration just announced that they had healed ten thousand of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Can you remember all those times in the Scripture that the Apostles performed miracles by healing invisible back pain? Or that time Peter healed the woman who had a broken heart? Or when Paul had made that guy’s arthritis better?

Yeah, neither can we…because lame “miracles” like that aren’t in the Bible. Here’s a general rule, when evaluating true miracles from false; true miracles – the type seen in the New Testament that established Apostolic testimony – could not have been done by placebo, wishful thinking, or psychosomatic cures. In true miracles, only feats that could not be explained away as psychosomatic or attributed to medical care or random self-cures (like people from Bethel who testify to rashes going away) were considered truly miraculous.

And yet, in this clip, Bill Johnson is giving a recap of Bethel’s 2018 School of Healing and says that a guy there healed ten thousand of PTSD. And yet, neither Randy Clark (who runs the school of healing) or Bill Johnson were able to heal the child of their music CEO from complications due to dehydration.

This is a double big-what burger with lame sauce. Notice the people applaud at the (totally unverified) hear-say claim of healing an invisible mental disorder.

Hey Bill Johnson, heal a life-long cripple. Heal an amputee. Raise the dead (and verify it, none of this “this one time in the jungle” nonsense). Heal the sick kids that go to your own church and are ill in the hospital. Do something that’s actually miraculous.

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