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Jesus Didn’t Take the Wheel: Driver Wrecks Car Because “God Told Them” to Let Go

Carrie Underwood famously sings the song, “Jesus, Take the Wheel…” In this case, he didn’t.
Chad England, 33

Chad England swears up and down that God told him to let go of the steering wheel. Not needing ‘chapter and verse’ for the voice in his head, he let go. His Toyota Tacoma then flew off the Tennessee Interstate and flipped five times. Jesus, apparently, did not take the wheel.

When police found England moments after, he had run from the vehicle and according to the police report was “speaking gibberish.”

Also according to the police report, “He said that Jesus was calling him and advised him to let go of the wheel, and that’s what he did…He stated that he did not take off running, he was ‘being called and was traveling to bow before someone.’ He also stated he was not driving, but he was behind the wheel.”

The wreck happened at 10AM Sunday morning on Interstate 81 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. It is suspected that the driver was under the influence of drugs.

It is also likely he was under the influence of charismaticism.


[Editor’s Note: HT Herald Courrier]