Kenneth Copeland Ministries Ups Being a Scumonaut by Bragging About New G5 Jet

It was brought to our attention that Copeland “Ministries” or seed money laundering Inc. has a new G5 jet that they received “debt free” according to their YouTube video. If you are not familiar with the G5 jet, it is the Gulfstream G550 and is one of the most luxurious private airplanes available only outclassed by it’s bigger brother the Gulfstream G650 which starts at $75 million and some change.

Every good pastor needs their very own private jet, right? When you’re a busy “pastor” like Kenneth Copeland, you can’t afford to wait around in airports and fly with other people as those other pastors do, right? After all, God wants Kenneth Copeland to be able to get his personal message out to everyone quickly. Well at least those at Copeland “Ministries” would want us to think and believe. In actuality, what “pastor” Copeland is doing by having this jet is wasting the resources of God that have been given to him. Copeland in his display of luxury is, in reality, being a poor steward of God’s resources and is in sin.

The average Gulfstream G550 starts at $36 million. That price does not include the pilot, crew, hangar, fuel, and various other necessities to operate his plane. An average hanger to hold a Gulfstream G550 will run the average of $6000 per month to $13,000 per month. The average cost of a flight crew per flight for the G550 is about $15,000 minimum. While Copeland will get considerable bang for the Seed Offerers’ buck considering this plane can travel at Mach 0.85, carry 19 people and has a rate of 6759 nautical miles; is this good use of the resources given to him by God?

The simple answer is no! The mere fact that Copeland is putting on a video highlighting the purchase of this jet and “believing” in Jesus’s name that the other equipment will be provided so he can operate his airplane goes to prove what god Copeland is following. Copeland is following the god of the prosperity gospel not the biblical God of the bible. If Copeland were truly following the God of the Bible and being a good steward of the money entrusted to him, he would be using that 36 million plus dollar to be going directly to furthering the kingdom of God and not for his personal ease and prosperity.

Richard Haas

Founder of DriveTime Apologetics, Empowered by Christ Ministries and the DriveTime Apologetics Podcast. Author, Writer, Podcaster, Christian Apologetist & Polemist