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Pope Gives Award to Pro-Abortion Activist

News Division

Is the Pope Catholic? As explained by Urban Dictionary, this term used to be synonymous with a sarcastic or emphatic, “yes.” However, Francis has people reexamining the phrase, Is the Pope Catholic? It’s increasingly hard to tell.

This Pope – a Jesuit – has been a globalist and Marxist (Cultural and Economic), has said the cross is a failure (he’s said it many times in many different contexts), is being accused of heresy by Romanist scholars for his very non-Catholic declaration on divorce and remarriage, and is known for his very soft stance on abortion. Likewise, this Pope is a pseudo-Universalist who has departed from the Romanist understanding of “Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus” and seems to contradict just about every other Pope in history.

So much for papal infallibility.

The plumb-line of Papist works-righteousness for the last fifty years has been the Vatican’s staunch stance against infanticide. Even in spite of all of Rome’s moral failures: pandemic pedophilia, priestly drunkenness, and a history that involves gay and incestuous Popes and nunneries serving as papal brothels (in fact, they recently admitted that priests were raping nuns in at least 23 countries RECENTLY and the common knowledge that nunneries were places of harlotry historically became so pervasive the colloquial term actually came to mean “brothel”), Rome has at least took the official stance that murdering your baby is bad. A nun got pregnant and named her illegitimate child after Pope Francis last year, but the Vatican at least still has some standards of moral decency when it comes to official policy on abortion.

Except, that may be changing.

Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, was honored by Pope Francis with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great – this according to the Lepanto Institute.

The Lepanto Institute, which is essentially a Roman Catholic polemics organization that seeks to purify the Roman Catholic Church of its corruption (we pray they’ll become Protestants one day), provides the transcript:

BNR – And this is the umpteenth prize that Lilianne Ploumen observes, won in 2017 and from whom they came.
Ploumen – Yes, it is a high distinction from the Vatican; from the pope.
BNR – From the pope.
Ploumen – Beautiful.
BNR – Yes.
Ploumen – It is Commander in the order of St. Gregory.
BNR – And that despite that you are pro-abortion.
Ploumen – Yes you can check.

They continue to write:

To say that Lilianne Ploumen is “pro-abortion” is an extreme understatement and doesn’t even come close to the scandalous reality of her activism.

Ploumen 02In January of last year, after US President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Ploumen launched a new NGO called She Decides to provide mass amounts of funds to organizations that would no longer receive funds from the US government.  The Mexico City Policy automatically denies US funding for international organizations which perform or promote abortion.

Referring to the Mexico City Policy as a “Global Gag Rule,” Ploumen stated that the intention of She Decides was to continue support for existing programs being run by organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA), the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International.  She said, “These are successful and effective programs: direct support, distributing condoms, making sure women are accompanied at the birth, and making sure abortion is safe if they have no other choice.”

By July of 2017, Ploumen’s program had raised over $300 million.

In October of 2017, Ploumen wrote an article for the Financial Times, in which she emphatically stated, “America’s regressive policies on abortion are a calamity for girls’ and women’s rights that the rest of the world must counter.”

Ironically, just a few days ago, Ploumen was awarded the Machiavelli Prize “ for her campaign for the safe abortion fund SheDecides.” The article on the award indicates that “The Machiavelli prize is awarded to a person or organization which the jury considers has excelled in public communication. In particular, the jury praised the speed at which SheDecides was set up and went global.”

It is worth noting that from 2004-2007, Ploumen was the Director of Programs and on the Board of Directors for CORDAID, the Dutch Catholic aid relief agency that was caught funding Planned Parenthood and dispensing contraception.

Here’s the thing…it seems really weird that the Pope of Rome is softening on the issue of abortion, but it shouldn’t be altogether unsurprising. After all, he might be the least-Catholic Pope to ever sit on the ten-horned beast.

[Editor’s Note: HT Lepanto Institute]