Greg Locke Divorces Wife, Finds New Girlfriend

Greg Locke Divorces Wife, Finds New Girlfriend

Greg Locke is founder and pastor of Global Vision Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He’s best known for his Facebook presence, and has over one million ‘likes’ on Facebook and it is not uncommon for him to have hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of views on his Facebook videos. Locke is a conservative politically and a pseudo-fundamentalist doctrinally. Mostly, however, he focuses on politics and current events. Here’s a post of his shared by Milo Yiann-I-forget-he’s gay:

And here is Locke making videos against those liberals down at Target:

Locke seems to have started out like an alright, run-of-the-mill, semi-conservative preacher. Perhaps the spotlight has become too much for him.

According to sources at Global Vision Church in Mt. Juliet, Greg Locke has put away his wife. About a month ago*, he said he was not going to go live on Facebook that week. He claimed that his wife, Melissa, was mentally ill and that they were getting a divorce. Ostensibly, much of the crowd had no idea what “illness” he was talking about.

Locke then laid out ultimatums to the congregation, telling them that they had to walk with him in his “brokenness.” Immediately, it became relatively common knowledge that Greg and “Tai” were having a relationship. Tai was given a ministry position at the church shortly before this unfolded. Pulpit & Pen has seen text messages between Greg and others, acknowledging that he was indeed in a relationship with the woman, Tai. They have begun doing things together with their mutual families. We have also seen photos of the two together.

Locke claims that his church staff knows he’s in a courtship (or whatever word you prefer) relationship with the woman, who is not his wife. Keep in mind that he only announced the separation from his wife a month ago.* He literally put his wife on a bus and sent her away.

Sadly, we have also seen Greg call out one woman in his church – by name – in the middle of a sermon, for caring about his home not being in order. It was a shocking display of pulpit-bullying. In the meantime, the press has yet to report on Locke’s divorcing of his wife or his new relationship. People within the church are hurting, and want it to be exposed.

Now that we have, they soon will.


We asked Locke for comment, but at the time of publishing, he has not returned our message.

[Editor’s Note: We would love to provide more detailed information, but we are trying to protect the wife and several other victims. More information will be forthcoming in future days. We are as right here as we were on Clayton Jennings, who by the way, was an associate of Greg Locke. * It should be noted that Locke pulled his endorsement from Clayton Jennings’ book, upon our reporting of Jennings. So he gets credit for that]

[*Editor’s Note 2: After speaking with Locke, his wife has been gone for a little more than 2 months – not one month as reported above]

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