Audio Links for Holy Ghost Revival 2.0

Here is the audio and video from the One Night Holy Ghost Revival 2.0 event.

This event included Pastors Chris Rosebrough, Jordan Hall, and Mike Fix. The event was a response to the One Night Holy Ghost Revival held by the “Holy Ghost Bartender,” Rodney Howard Browne, in Dickinson in November, which you can read about here. Here, the Holy Spirit was presented as an authentic and real person, and his attributes explained and his work examined from Scripture.

There were some problems with the video live stream (the camera kept going out of focus), but the audio was good and has been included below.

The hyperlinks will take you to the SermonAudio page (which includes video AND audio) or you can listen by clicking the audio play buttons below.

Putting Charismatics to the Test – Chris Rosebrough

Convicted of Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment – JD Hall

The Sufficiency of Scripture – Mike Fix

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