Nine Less-than-Stellar Moments in the SBC in 2017

  1. The Modern Day Downgrade is rapidly growing in the SBC, and getting worse from year to year. Here are nine of the worst moments in the SBC last year.

SBC blog touts lawsuits against SBC entities. It’s one thing for someone who believes they have been wronged to sue some SBC entity. After all, Southern Baptist entities aren’t individuals and they aren’t churches – they are (by law and by self-designation) – corporations and there’s no Biblical prohibition against suing corporations (although whenever sued, SBC entities ask to have it thrown out because it’s “an ecclesiastical matter”). They are also (some of them, like NAMB , the ERLC and Lifeway) wicked corporations. But it’s another thing for an SBC to tragically remove senior citizen home owners through what amounts to imminent domain, breaking its own bylaws and giving people pennies on the dollar in sketchy real estate schemes (link – scroll down to the December 15 article). It’s another thing for NAMB’s local church-squashing thug cartel to run off people trying to bravely stand up for Baptist principles and local control of churches (source link), so good on them for suing. Shame on the SBC entities doing these things.

Annual meeting hijacked by alt-right resolution fiasco. I don’t know how to fix this. Cultural Marxists like Dwight McKissic – those who are race baiting sectarians – managed to hoodwink the SBC leadership into strong-arming SBC messengers into passing a piece of useful idiot propaganda designed to bolster the political left. The messengers clearly saw through it, but afraid of bad publicity, SBC leaders cried and wept until they could finally pass the resolution drafted by a Hillary Clinton endorser (source link).

Arkansas Baptists canonize an interpretive statement. Arkansas Baptists claim that the Nashville Statement is inerrant (they used the words, “without error.” You can read about that here. While “without error” doesn’t imply “infallible” (as infallibility and inerrancy are two different things), the Nashville Statement is a soft-peddling of homosexual desire and points Christians in a scary ethical direction when it comes to dividing artificially between desires and actions (source link).

Baptists fail to address the Martin Luther King teen scandal. While Southern Baptists around the country were attacking Judge Roy Moore for (maybe?) trying to have sex with some much younger ladies many decades ago, they are currently planning a party in recognition of bi-sexual sex trafficker, Martin Luther King. Blogs like SBC Voices have refused to speak up while the ERLC helps sponsor this event that very clearly is white-washing (pour word choice?) someone who frequently trafficked in sex slaves (prostitution, that’s what we’re calling it now) and bi-sexual orgies (source link).

Outrage over SBC president appointing personal evangelism task force sans females. The flock of SBC sissy-bloggers is upset that Steve Gaines appointed an evangelism task force without women. When did we start believing in quotas? Maybe the SBC president wanted to put people on the evangelism council who were qualified to preach. Sadly, these same bloggers didn’t throw a stink over the SBC graduating women with degrees in pastoral ministry (source link).

ERLC holds SBC hostage. Helping Mosques get built? Check. Securing MILLIONS of dollars for that Mosque construction from public tax dollars? Check. Advocating Cultural Marxism? Check. Advocating animal rights? Check. Making the Executive Branch of Government hate you? Check. Working  for George Soros (literally)? Check. It seems that Southern Baptists can do nothing about this runaway entity.

Some SBCers toady up to Clinton. Basically, there’s Dwight McKissic and the ERLC-ran Gospel Coalition site that let Thabiti Anyabwile endorse (first) Bernie Sanders and then promote Hillary Clinton (twice) on his Gospel Coalition sub-site. Then, you have the folks at SBC Voices throwing in their tacit support and Rubio inviting Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush (a Roman Catholic) to preach at the SBC Pastor’s Conference (literally, source link) but not Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee, the Southern Baptist candidates who aren’t liberal RHINOs).

Platt Signs on to terrible Amicus brief, pastor who sticks up is attacked. David Platt unwisely chose to sign onto the Amicus brief filed on behalf of a Mosque in New Jersey, at the behest of Russell Moore. Later, Platt apologized (link). Moore and the ERLC, of course, gave no such apology. Some of Platt’s apology had to do with a brave IMB trustee and Tennessee pastor who resigned his position in protest, because of Platt’s actions and because trustees aren’t really running the entities (the entities are running the trustees). Sadly, people have chose to attack the brave pastor.

Alliteration makes a comeback. And does so in the blogs, no less. I can live with alliteration, as long as it stays out of sermons.


[Editor’s Note: This article was first published by SBC Voices, via William Thornton. Well, by that we mean that we took their nine “less than stellar things” and had the exact opposite position on all of them, because they’re a bunch of sensitive snowflakes over there who are becoming increasingly moderate (read that, liberal) in their positions. That is, except for the 9th one, which remained exactly the same, because we also dislike alliteration. However, we might have added additional tragic moments in the SBC this year which they completely overlooked, but that’s not what this troll was about]

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