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Cataloging Michael Brown’s Lies About the New Apostolic Reformation Part 3

News Division

As stated in our previous article (Parts 1-2) Michael Brown is clearly a liar and this ongoing series will demonstrate just how deceptive Brown has been about his involvement with the NAR for a few decades:

What Michael Brown is hiding from his audience (Part 1): Attacking Christian authors; contends for NAR gospel
What Michael Brown is hiding from his audience (Part 2): Damning 2010 audio proving Brown’s knowledge & involvement in the NAR.

Firstly, we encourage our audience to know different types of ‘lies’ to reveal how deceptive Michael Brown really is:

Resource: How to Recognize Lies.

In this article, we will create a timeline to see how Michael Brown is involved in the New Apostolic Reformation. This article documents evidence that appears to suggest Michael Brown has been lying about his apostleship from 2001 to this very day.

We focus on three major events (with other time-stamps that emphasize his connection to NAR apostolic relationships and networks), that demonstrate his involvement:

  1. 1987-1994: (Now Tikkun International)
  2. 1996-2000: Brownsville Revival and Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM)
  3. 2000-2001: ‘The Call’ Rallies

It’s important to note that Wagner identified unusual church phenomena through his lifetime but later in the 1990s coined the term ‘New Apostolic Reformation’. Wagner was not the NARpostle to observe this phenomena in decades past. Bill Hamon, David Cartledge, Bob Jones and those that came out of the 1948 Latter Rain cult were all attempting to establish their end-time governing apostles across the visible Christian church. So NAR Apostles were already on the rise from 1948 onwards.

Michael Brown NAR Timeline


Michael Brown states that he got saved in 1971. Chris Rosebrough did a sermon review of Michael Brown preaching about himself. Brown explains the details of his salvation here:

Rosebrough exposes Dr Brown as a NARpostle at Isi De Gersigny’s circus church?


While speaking at Jubilee Church in 2016, Michael Brown does not name the church he was saved into or reveal the church he attended in the early 1980s. However, at one stage he informed his audience he was attending an Italian Pentecostal church.

While possibly attending a Pentecostal church, Brown recalls that when he was asked to preach while his leaders and pastors were on a retreat back in Nov 01 1982, the Holy Spirit fell. Brown claimed he said in this sermon, “Put away your theology for a while! Let’s go through the book of Acts.” The result of this message was “altars were absolutely flooded” and people were being ‘baptized’ in the spirit. This is important to note as this revelas Brown was getting people ‘spiritually baptized’ in a Pentecostal church behind the leadership’s back.

Michael Brown suggests he was exposed as causing division when his pastors weren’t there. Brown was excommunicated from this church and his “best friends” turned against him. As a result, Michael Brown claimed God said to him in the spring of 2013, “You will be in the midst of a revival that will touch the whole world.”

If this was his Italian Pentecostal church – what was Michael Brown converting them too? Whatever the answer, Brown was showing the hallmark signs of his NARismatic fruits – deceit, division and spiritual elitism.


Daniel C. Juster of Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) reports on Michael Brown’s involvement with the “launching and establishment of what is now called Tikkun International” from 1987-1994.

You can read Brown’s involvement in this ministry here – a ministry that has many NAR teachings and has recognized apostles developing this movement.

PDF: Tikkun International Story – 2013

What attracted Michael Brown to this ministry?

Juster records a conversation back in the fall of 1984, claiming Asher Intrater stated that their ministries needed to be “self-governing” and to have their “own apostolic flow.” They wanted to “even have the beginning of [their] own five-fold leadership.” Juster regarded this entire endeavour as a “formation of an apostolic network.” These are NAR buzzwords and ideas. And these ideas among Brown’s leaders, were thrust upon their organizations. This may have been the first group of organizations that mixed Jewish Christian churches with influential N.A.R networks in America. Back in 1984, Juster not only rolled out his apostolic plans through UMJC, he then created a brochure (notice the language):

“After this meeting, I developed a brochure for the UMJC to explain that we accepted dual affiliation and wanted to welcome all Messianic Jews to take part in the UMJC. The brochure noted that some would be members of new apostolic streams, as God would raise up other apostles within our network. My desire was to see the UMJC become more and more apostolic-led. This would happen as leaders were elected who had overseen large congregations and/or the multiplication of congregations. At this point, the UMJC was charismatic in expression. Thus, I was hopeful that the UMJC would come to share my convictions on five-fold ministry and leadership.”
– Pg. 18 (Emphasis added.)

In 1986, Daniel Juster was “designated the apostolic pastor”(UMJC). Although Michael Brown had been there since 1987, Juster stated,

“Due to our increasing differences, Mike decided to leave us in 1994.We still cooperate on many projects to this day and believe that Mike is having and will yet have a very significant contribution to Jewish ministry.”
– Pg. 28

But as the Daniel Juster’s PDF reveals, this is not Jewish ministry but NAR ministry. The proof of this was found with the Apostles Juster worked with, and was influenced by. You may recognize their names:

  1. Bill Hamon (one who was involved in the NOLR and was an active NAR Apostle/Prophet.) (Also recognized as an NAR Apostle in the 1990s.)
  2. Sid Roth host of NAR TV ‘It’s Supernatural’ (Good friend of Michael Brown)
  3. NAR Apostle Bob Weiner
  4. NAR Apostle and Prophet Mike Bickle who was instrumental in developing the NAR in the 1980s.
  5. Notorious NAR Prophet Bob Jones (sex offender)
  6. Paul Cain Apostle of the Latter Rain movement (homosexual)
  7. John Wimber (a highly recognized NAR Apostle, one of the pillars of NAR theology and its abhorrent practices.)

It’s worth noting how involved Apostle Daniel Juster was with Wimber:

“Due to the connection with John Wimber and Steve Zaritt, Patty and I were invited by Wimber to attend the conference in Anaheim, California. We were given free registration. This was partly to comfort us after all we went through in connection to Patty’s word at the UMJC conference. Although we had already attended a John Wimber conference on healing in Baltimore, we had a sense we were supposed to be there at least for the relationships…We met with John Wimber for a significant appointment, and he came to the UMJC national conference in Los Angeles. Yet, the connection never got off the ground. In the coming years, new upheavals in the Vineyard would occupy Wimber’s attention. ” -pg. 35

It is fascinating to note that Juster reveals Paul Cain influenced the ministry of John Wimber. Juster also reveals he was influenced by NAR Apostle/Prophet Cindy Jacobs and John Dawson. These are big names who were pushing NOLR heresies and raising up the New Order of Apostles and Prophets across the face of the earth. To claim Michael Brown was not part of the NAR is to remove those seven years from his life.


Although the Kilpatricks acknowledge that Brenda Kilpatrick brought the revival to Pensacola by visiting the global revival up in Toronto (known as the Toronto Blessing), it is also commonly assumed that NAR Apostle Steve Hill brought this same ‘strange fire’ from Holy Trinity Brompton in the U.K and released it at Brownsville on Father’s Day in 1995.

In that iconic Father’s Day service, Steve Hill claimed that Baptists and even Catholics were receiving this unusual outpouring of the spirit. This is important to acknowledge because The New Order of the Latter Rain cult (NOLR) were keen to unite both Protestants and Catholics through their spiritual outpouring in 1948 and did so when they birthed the Charismatic movement. In 1967, the NAR claimed a revival was happening when many Catholics and Protestants came together and were ‘baptized’ in this false spirit. And it’s important to note that just like the NOLR and the Charismatic Renewal Movement (CRM), the 1967 ‘revival’ was not one that convicted sinners of  their sins but was a ‘revival’ because the ‘spirit was doing something new’ and ‘falling’ on people to bring a ‘unity’. The ‘laughing’ revival and Brownsville revival were no different.

It was at this Father’s Day service that Steve Hill had the tenacity to then insist that Pentecostals get on board  with what this ‘spirit’ was doing. It wasn’t about whether the revival was biblical or not, it was about Michael Brown being involved in a great move of God that attracted him to Brownsville (you can listen to him talk about how he got involved with Brownsville through Steve Hill here).

“So the fall of 1995- In summer/fall, I begin to hear reports of- right before the internet explosion, cell phones and all that. So- so- word didn’t travel quite as fast. I begin to hear reports of an outpouring taking place in Pensacola. I begin to hear God’s using a brother. ‘Wait! Steve Hill! Steve and I no each other!’. We’re both very close to Leonard Ravenhill… Steve preaches repentance is an evangelist going for the lost.

Maybe this is the beginning of the thing I’ve been praying for… And finally, at the end of the year, I finally called Steve about six months into the revival. And he began to talk to me about what was happening. And he said, ‘Hey Mike, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.’ He said, ‘You gotta come down and visit.’

He said, ‘Listen. Tell you what, I’ll get you a condo. Just a place to stay on the beach for a week. He said, ‘Come down, write, rest, be with the Lord and come out to some of the services if you want, at night.’

… It took five months. Over five months before I could get down there. I finally put it on the schedule. Got down there. And the opening meeting, I’m sitting there. Steve just had me come up on the- everybody sat on the platform in those days- had me come up and sit next to him. As the service is going on I begin to see this happening and this and this- all the little signs. I just kinda went through my checklist of what I was looking for. And I started to get overcome. And I realised this was the beginning of the thing I was praying for. This is the beginning of the thing I’ve been longing for. This is the beginning of the    thing God promised me years ago.

And as of that week- I mean instantly- God called me to be part of the team. We a- God immediately began to speak to me about raising up a bible school in the midst of that.”  1:34:00

It is interesting that Michael Brown relied on his relational NETWORK with an internationally recognised NAR apostle (Steve Hill) who worked NARpostle Carlos Anacondia in Argentina, Carlos himself endorsed by NARpostle C. Peter Wagner.


According to the BRSM Facebook page,

“BRSM was a ministry school birthed out of the fires of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL in 1997.”

Source: BRSM, FaceBook,, Accessed Nov 20 2017.

An official website of the Brownsville Church has more to say:

“With revival came the fruit of revival, hundreds of thousands of souls committed to a fresh walk with God. Hungry seekers relocated to Pensacola to dwell in the constant atmosphere of God’s presence. The need became clear: A vehicle to disciple and equip the new believers. In January 1997, the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM) opened its doors to a 125-member pioneer class.”

Source: HONORING OUR PAST, Brownsville.Church,, Accessed Nov 20 2017. [Archived]

While the revival was in operation, people were attending Michael Brown’s Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM). The BRSM did not last very long.


The book ‘The Rising Revival’ was published in 1998. This book by C. Peter Wagner and Pablo Deiros records firsthand accounts of the Argentinian revival. They have the accounts of NAR Apostles Claudio Freidzon, Eduardo Lorenzo, Carlos Annacondia and Ed Silvoso.

This was Michael Brown’s endorsement:

“At Last!  A book written from the leaders on the front lines giving firsthand accounts of the battles and victories as well as seasoned theological reflection.  Excellent reading for the convinced, the curious, and the skeptical.
Michael L. Brown, President, Brownsville Revival School of Ministry”

Source: The Rising Revival, Arsenal Books,, Accessed Nov 26 2017.


On June 14, 1998 – an unfortunate fire broke out near the Juster’s family (of Tikkun International), their son losing his life shortly after the fire. Michael Brown alongside other NAR apostolic leadersand NAR  apostolic ministries of NETWORKS  either came to visit or joined in prayer “for a resurrection”. They later prayed for a ” for a resurrection from the dead at the services”. (See PDF above under the years ‘1987 – 1994′.)

In the NAR, NARpostles and NAR Prophets have the authority (just like Jesus’ apostles) to raise people from the dead. Daniel Juster records how “Robert Stearns, Mike Brown, Don Finto […] Rick Ridings” and “Susette Hetting” prayed “for resurrection there and again at the site of burial”. Here is the account:

“Asher Intrater called from Israel and told us that the prayer for Samuel in many towns in Israel was changing the atmosphere for believers in the nation. We were to pray and believe to the full extent possible. We were able to hold off the doctors for 48 hours. Samuel’s heart continued to beat strong and steady. Finally, I had to make the decision to disconnect Samuel from life support. We prayed for a resurrection. After he was disconnected, his heart stopped. For one more hour, we prayed. We continued praying into the next day. David and many others said that we should pray for a resurrection from the dead at the services. Due to our friendship with Church leaders and our own network, over 1,400 attended his service. Robert Stearns, Mike Brown, Don Finto, and Rick Ridings stood with us and many Tikkun leaders and congregation members in special commitment. We prayed for resurrection there and again at the site of burial. Susette Hetting, Reinhardt Bonke’s lead intercessor, said how appropriate it would be for this Messianic Jewish child to be raised from the dead. Yet, in the end, nothing happened.”

Robert Stearns is an NARpostle.
Michael Brown… protests he isn’t.
Don Finto is an NARpostle – recognized by the NAR ICA organization.
Rick Ridings is an NARpostle – recognized in the NAR as a hyphenated apostle, involved in the ‘Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders’. He was also part of the initial leadership team that helped launch the Apostolic ‘Antioch Network’.
Reinhardt Bonnke is an NARpostle. 
Suzette Hetting has also attempted to become an apostle by trying to fulfill a prophecy for Australia, rallying 10,000 warriors for an end-times revival back in 2007-8.


The Wagner University states the following:

Our Foundation 
Founded in 1998 by C. Peter Wagner, WU reflects a new paradigm for unique training in practical ministry. Unlike traditional seminaries, WU focuses on equipping ‘in-service’ leaders with a creative, revelatory style of teaching and learning, as well as impartation and activation, with opportunity for hands-on, practical application and ministry.

Who We Are
Inspired in 1998 by a prophetic word from Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, built upon his legacy of developing world changers by creating Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI). In 2010 Dr. Wagner appointed Dr. Che Ahn as the International Chancellor and under his leadership WLI spread into numerous regional schools throughout the U.S. and into 11 nations. In 2017, WLI became Wagner University (WU). Today, Dr. Che Ahn continues to lead WLI into a new paradigm for unique training in practical ministry.

Source: About Us, Wagner University,, Accessed Nov 20 2017.

As this was developing, NAR Apostle and Prophet Cindy Jacobs was continuing to visit and speak at Michael Brown’s notorious Brownsville revival. Occasionally she spoke about Wagner and the council of prophets she was involved with to see what God was doing globally for his church.

Yet this woman helped Wagner launch the WLI while the ‘revival’ was happening and also helped launch with Wagner the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE) and International Coalition of Apostles (ICA).


In the JAN/FEB Edition of GI NEWS in the year 2000, Cindy Jacobs opens with this:

“We are stepping into this new millennium with a tremendous burden to bless the Jewish people. In December, God gave an urgent prayer mandate regarding Russian Jews to the Council of Prophetic Elders, led apostolically by Peter Wagner. And in the January GloryFire conference, after working closely with Don Finto, Dan Juster, and the Towards Jerusalem 2 Council, we unveiled a proclamation of repentance for the sins of Christian Americans towards the Jews (see copy in special pullout).
I really believe in God’s promise that He will bless those who bless the seed of Abraham!

It is also our great joy to participate in the million youth march that is being called “The Call.” Mike and I will be in Washington, DC September 2, 2000 to support it along with our son, Daniel.” [Archive]

Who are the leading NAR Apostles leading “with a tremendous burden to bless the Jewish people”?  NARpostle C. Peter Wagner and Cindy Jacobs with “Don Finto” and “Dan Juster.”

Apostle Dan Juster of Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations? So he is regarded as an NAR Apostle and is working closely with NAR C Peter Wagner, NAR Apostle Cindy Jacobs and NAR Apostle Don Finto? Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles recognized Juster straight away as an apostle when they formed in 1999. The ICA 2001 Apostles Directory confirms this as does Wagner in an interview in the above archived GI link.

Below, Dr Brown became involved in ‘The Call’ promoted by Engle and worked with Wagner on its board. But in the above discourse NAR Apostles Cindy and Mike Jacobs state they too “will be in Washington, DC September 2, 2000 to support it”. Brown was very close to the top working with these governing end-time NARpostles.


Lou Engle has been an HIM Apostle and HIM member since Ché Ahn founded Harvest International Ministries (HIM) back in 1996. In the link, Ché Ahn states that the Lord spoke to him,

“through a word from respected prophet and author, Cindy Jacobs, that he was to “father” a new movement – a “network of networks”, meant to train and raise up others. Ché would have spiritual children in every continent who would reach the world.”

Notice the language of Cindy Jacobs in the day to Ché Ahn. He:

  1. was to Father a new movement
  2. was to “train and raise up others”
  3. was to “have spiritual children”

Nevertheless, Ché has been regarded as an Apostle by top NAR leaders like Cindy Jacobs and C. Peter Wagner. Apostle Cindy Jacobs released the following on her website in the year 2000:

“God has called Lou Engle to spear-head a massive gathering of youth this September to fast and pray for revival. During the week of the DC GloryFire conference, Lou found out that his application to secure the Washington Mall for the rally had been approved. The Call will take place from dawn until sunset on Labor Day, 2000.

“I just feel like there’s a holy violence in the air,” says Engle, a founder of the teen ministry Rock the Nations. “Even now, to start the year, there are a couple thousand kids in California fasting, seizing the Kingdom through prayer.”

In 1996, God gave Engle a prophetic dream that spawned the movement now referred to as The Call. In the dream, Engle was to pass on a letter to a young boy named Joel. Engle awakened with the thought that he had lost the letter that Joel was supposed to receive. “At that point, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, ‘Don’t drop Joel’s letter!’” recalls Lou. “I interpreted this to mean we shouldn’t drop God’s call, articulated in the second chapter of Joel, to pray and fast.”

A year later, more than a million men gathered in Washington, DC through PromiseKeepers to seek God’s face through prayer and repentance. Speaker after speaker referenced Malachi: “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse” (Malachi 4:5,6).” [Archived]

We believe this event fell on 2nd of September, 2000. What makes this incredibly important is the fact that Lou Engle was inspired to fast and pray by the heretical teachings and practices of the Latter Rain heretic Franklin Hall. This cult-speak echoes of the hostile ‘Joel’s Army’ dominionist church espoused by the NOLR cult and dangerous fasting methods. Furthermore, William Branham picked up the Malachi 4:5 ‘Elijah’ complex that many dangerous cult leaders who, for decades in the past, claimed to possess as well, including the murderous Jim Jones. Here is Lou Engle revealing how Franklin Hall’s work ‘Atomic Power with God’ (Hall, 1946), influenced him and shaped the NOLR ‘The Call’ rallies:

NOLR/NAR – Michael Brown & Lou Engle upholding their heretical roots. 
Lou Engle obsessing over Franklin Hall and Latter Rain cult.


In our next article, we will focus on Brown leaving Brownsville and what that revealed about his involvement in the NAR and his NARpostolic leadership.

If you are not convinced that Brownsville was part of the NAR, it is important to note the following:

  1. NARpostle Yonggi Cho prophesied this revival into existence.
  2. NARpostle Benny Hinn raised up NARpostle Rodney-Howard Brown that birthed the ‘laughing reviva’l that spread to create the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and revival in Holy Trinity Brompton (UK).
  3. NARpostle Steve, under NARpostle C. Peter Wagner, worked with NARpostle Carlos Anacondia in the Argentian revivals, brought this ‘spirit’ of revival not just from Argentina but from Holy Trinity Brompton and the Toronto Blessing and triggered this ‘revival’ at Brownsville.
  4. John Kilpatrick was recognized by prophets as a NARpostle.
  5. NAR prophet Cindy Jacobs was allowed to speak about Wagner and these global governing prophetic leaders at Brownsville
  6. NARpostles David Yonggi Cho, Jentezin Franklin, Steve Hill,, Carol Arnott spoke at Brownsville.

These links should help make these issues very obvious:

Last Man Who Opposed John Kilpatrick is Dead
Why the Brownsville Revival was a demonic revival, run by Satan’s servants.

Even eye witnesses confirm that the entire Brownsville ‘scam’ was part of the New Apostolic Reformation. This witness observed the dominion theology and the signs and wonders NAR gospel espoused by Michael Brown and Sue Hattingh in the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM):

“The last class of the summer was called “Signs, Wonders and Divine Healing.” Attendance was some 700 from all over the world, and those who came were not disappointed. Suzette Hattingh and Dr. Michael Brown, president of BRSM, taught the class… The Tuesday morning session began with an air of expectancy, and that gave way to worship as we began to sing praises to the King. Suzette shared how her crusades are reaching the lost in areas of the world not often on evangelists’ itineraries such as the stone age tribes in Indonesia. The first day was devoted to foundations. She talked about hindrances to the miraculous, especially head knowledge. Pointing to her head, she said, “That’s your unbelief box.” She said if you are scared of making a mistake, you will never walk in the miraculous. She talked about God as the God of the miraculous. “Healing and the miraculous is like the food bell. Ring it and everybody runs to the table.”

“Pray in song – God inhabits that.” Dr. Brown spent a lot of time showing us healing does continue today, in spite of what critics say. Divine healing is for today. “The healings of Jesus were closely related to His work of forgiving sins and were ultimately connected with His substitutionary death on the cross.” Isaiah 53 says, “By His wounds, we are healed.”

This same witness recalls Bill Suddeth was “an usher at Brownsville.” But now he is recognized by Wagner and the ICAL as a NARpostle.

You can read the entire witness account of someone at Brownsville here:

The fact that Michael Brown had no problem having his ministry associated with the NARpostolic ministries of Reinhardt Bonnke and Carlos Annacondia shows how deeply embedded his theology, practices and positions are – placing  him deeply in the pit of the NAR.

“The Wednesday night Revival crowd was huge with the overflows filled. A group from the Argentine Revival was there and they prayed with people as did.”

So Michael Brown was involved in:

  1. An NAR Apostle Daniel Juster’s UMJC ministry from 1987-1994
  2. An NAR-driven Brownsville Revival and it’s Brownsville Revival School of Ministry from 1996-2000
  3. and the NAR-driven ‘The Call’ rally from 2000-20001.

And Michael Brown has repeatedly claimed he is NOT part of the NAR. There is ample evidence to demonstrate he was very much a part of it. His friends, networks, ministries and his own mouth prove that Michael Brown is a liar.


[Editor’s Note:  You can find Part 1 here. You can find Part 2 here. This post was originally done and published at Church Watch Central here]