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Francis Chan: “One Hundred People Saved in One Year is Not a Success”

Recently, we posted an article on the topic of IHOP and the “Onething” Conference, where we pointed out that Francis Chan was one of the main orators at this modern-day Montanist heresy fest. We also pointed out that here at Pulpit & Pen, we have been critical of Francis Chan as of late, concerning his slide into the sub-Christian sect of Charismatic beliefs. Recently this has been made even more evident in a news article that was posted at Charisma Magazine on December 29th of this year.

The article highlights a video with Francis Chan “preaching” that was recorded about two years ago at the Jesus Center. This video only goes to add to the many problems with Francis Chan’s theology and particularly in this video, his complete disregard for proper biblical Soteriology.

One hundred people saved in one year is not a success if it took 4,000 people to do it.

In reality, four thousand people didn’t “do it” if salvations were made at all. Only God does that. This is Finneyism.

The mere fact that Francis Chan would consider anyone’s salvation “not a success” is ludicrous. Who is Francis Chan to question the workings of God? The fact that God chooses to save one person is a blessing on its own, never mind a hundred. If Francis Chan truly feels that it’s “not a success” that God saved 100 people because it may take more manpower than Chan arbitrarily deems necessary, why is Francis Chan even in ministry? Who is Chan to question how many it takes to save a few? The Bible in Luke 13:23 is clear that many will perish, and few will be saved, but we are to rejoice in the Lord for those that are saved. We should not be going about “preaching” that the few that are saved are “not a success” as Chan has declared.

This video only goes to prove once again that Francis Chan has been on a bizarre and charismatically strange trajectory. Assuming that one hundred people were brought to penitent faith, (as opposed to false converts) this is something to be celebrated. Conversions, wrought by the Holy Spirit, are not a mathematical formula. They are supernatural works of the Third Person of the Trinity.

[Contributed by Richard Haas]

Richard Haas

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