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Preparing for Elephant Room 3: Michael Brown


We apologize for our lack of articles today, as we’ve been preparing for Elephant Room 3, which will – tentatively – take place on January 2, 2018. We refer to it as “Elephant Room 3” because it is strikingly similar to Elephant Room 2, in which Mark Driscoll, James McDonald, and the gang at the Elephant Room conference normalized TD Jakes as a brother in Christ. For anyone remotely familiar with discernment or with TD Jakes’ ministry, it felt like a real stab in the back to Christian orthodoxy.

For those familiar with Michael Brown, there is just as much reason to be concerned with him as with Bishop Jakes. Sure, his heresies are different (well, some are different, some are exactly the same). As Mr. White has pointed out, Michael Brown is a Trinitarian and holds to certain benchmarks of website orthodoxy. But for whatever reason, White seems incapable or unwilling to apply basic logic to his defense of Brown. In short, just because Brown holds to certain orthodox doctrines (so does the Pope, for goodness sake), it doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold to heretical doctrines, false teaching, or doesn’t in general pose a threat to the church.

By the way, for those who bristle at the comparison between TD Jakes and Michael Brown, let it be observed that Brown has repeatedly defended Jakes (just as he has repeatedly defended Bethel, IHOP, Hillsong, Bill Johnson, Sid Roth, Benny Hinn, Jennifer LeClaire and the list goes on and on). The fact is, as we have already pointed out, Jim Bakker and Satan could pass James White’s orthodoxy test that he created for Michael Brown.

No doubt, Michael Brown will go on the Dividing Line and claim he knows nothing about the New Apostolic Reformation, doesn’t affirm the Word-of-Faith, little god theology, or grave sucking. Anyone who has the slightest inkling of knowledge of Michael Brown will know that’s a lie, but many listeners will not. Then, he and Dr. White will talk about how important it is to practice a generous orthodoxy.

And so, what Pulpit & Pen is currently doing is having our contributors combine their labors with the largest coalition of discernment ministries possibly ever undertaken to compose a master-file on the gross theological errors of Dr. Michael Brown. On January 2, we will be ready to expose the lies that Dr. Brown will be promoting to Mr. White, while White unrepentantly takes part in the sin of 2nd John 11. Along with NAR polemicists from (literally) around the world (and from diverse theological traditions including Baptists, Presbyterians, and Lutherans, lest anyone want to say we just “hate people who aren’t exactly like us”), we will be producing that work with cited evidence and source links to demonstrate that White is deceived and Brown is deceiving.