Trump White House Celebrates 50 Years of Kenneth Copeland’s Ministry

With Paula White as Trump’s closest religious adviser, it’s been odd to watch his proximity to the strangest of religious leaders. Donald Trump and America’s craziest charismatics make for strange bed-fellows (a term one has to use cautiously, given the frequency with which Paula White changes literal bed-fellows, from her public affair with already-married Benny Hinn to her serial divorce and remarriages). Having been purportedly led to Christ by Paula White herself, Trump has made a showing of the support he’s enjoyed from Jim Bakker to Rodney Howard- Browne (both of whom have been invited to the White House). Most recently, he has shown his support of Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland posted on his Facebook page yesterday:

“Thank you President @DonaldTrump for officially recognizing Kenneth Copeland Ministries for 50 years in Ministry! Our ministry started in a jubilee year. It began in sync with the Jewish calendar for Jubilee. I didn’t know that for years. And here we are in our jubilee year, which is 50 years. And this is Israel’s Jubilee. Glory to God! Now, that’s special. That’s special for you, Partners, because you’re in that jubilee with us. It’s just marvelous! – Kenneth”

From the screenshot of Trump’s letter to Copeland, Trump (or his people) writes:

“Dear Reverend Copeland,

Melania and I send our warmest wishes as you celebrate 50 years of ministry.

For half a century, you have devoted your life to faith and humanity. Your enduring commitment to spreading the word of God has influenced the lives of people across the United States and around the world.

We hope your heart is filled with joy, knowing your efforts to spread a message of hope are an inspiration to people who seek the love and mercy of the Lord.

Congratulations on this remarkable accomplishment…”

Kenneth Copeland may be the wealthiest televangelist in the world, and has valued his own estate at over one billion dollars. You can watch a video about Copeland’s wealth below.

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