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Seth Dahl: Children’s “Pastor” at Bethel “Church” Preaches Modern Day Montanist Angelic Vision

Sometime ago Seth Dahl, Children’s “Pastor” at Bethel Church preached a message on angels. More specifically, angels watching over your finances. Preaching about the topic of angels should always be done with caution and high adherence to what Scripture says about Angelology. It should never be done by a children’s “Pastor” especially by one that claims Jesus taught him how to tie his shoes during nap time. Yes, that is the claim that is made by Seth Dahl on his personal website.


Seth had his first encounter with God in kindergarten when Jesus taught him to tie his shoes during nap time.


Besides the fact that Dahl is adhering to the Modern Day Montanist heresy, he also completely strays from Scripture. Matter of fact, Dahl altogether avoids any proper biblical context within the confines of Angelology. While he does mention Elisha in quick passing only to try to prove the legitimacy of his tale, it is of course not in proper biblical context. By Bethel Church allowing the subject of angels to be taught first by an unqualified children’s “Pastor” and secondly in the manner of zero-based biblical accuracy only goes to prove how far from the Bible Bethel church really is.

We see in the opening part of this video, Dahl supposedly talks to Jesus and asks him to show Dahl where the Angels are in the building, and Jesus supposedly does what Dahl asks. Where is the proof of this story? How do we truly know firstly that Dahl asked this and secondly that he really what talking to Jesus? The answer is simple; we don’t. We must take Dahl’s word for it or have “faith” that he is not lying, delusional or just is a bad storyteller. There lies much of the problem with this entire presentation by Dahl, it is not provable in any biblical sense. That is the problem with modern-day Montanist visionary tales; we never have any proof that they take place. The whole concept of visions that are presented by people like Dahl is to entice those that are weak-kneed in theology to believe what is not provable by Scripture; or even worst, that can be proven to be false by Scripture like in this case with this modern-day Montanist beliefs. While Dahl’s story about angels may seem entertaining and thought-provoking, it is nothing more than visionary scum beggary at it’s worst.


Richard Haas

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