Steven Furtick Does ‘Where’s Waldo’ as a Sermon, Presents Waldo as Jesus (not satire)

At the weekly skinny jeans convention known as Elevation ‘Church,’ Steven Furtick had an audience member come up, dress like Waldo, and find Waldo in a screen projected on stage. Furtick likened Waldo to Christ, and then went on a Waldo-infused tirade.


Calling a volunteer, “Wade,” out of the audience, Furtick said it would be “cool to trust God enough to wear this shirt,” handing him a Waldo-esque red and white shirt to wear. Once he put on the shirt, Wade was asked to find Waldo. Furtick then pointed out that Waldo was holding loaves and fish, and the crowd went wild when he likened the cartoon character to Christ.

“What you’ve noticed before…I’m preaching and you don’t know it [crowd goes wild]…when you see the faithfulness of God before in your life you don’t lose him in the crowd,” Furtick proclaimed.


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