Charismatics Invent New Heaven Tourism Story

Sid Roth is one of the most radical figures in charismania and hosts the program, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. There’s never been a supernatural claim Roth hasn’t promoted, and his show is a virtual parade of freaky false prophets, one after another, claiming the most bizarre, ridiculous, and unbiblical stories, all to the enthusiastic applause of his ill-discerning audience. Dr. Michael Brown – the chief apologist for the charismatic movement – was on Roth’s show on May 14, 2017. Most recently Roth has invited as a guest Jim Woodford, who claims he went to Heaven for 11 hours.

Keep in mind that charismatics have also promoted the Heaven Tourism accounts of Alex Malarkey (who famously and bravely recanted his story), Colton Burpo, Don Piper, Crystal McVea, Eben Alexander, Brian Miller, Stephanie Arnold, and more. All of these accounts contradict one another, and most plainly contradict what we know about Heaven from the Holy Scripture. All of them disagree with what the Holy Bible says about the state of the soul when absent from the body.

You can watch the video clip below.


Oh, by the way – on top of all the other unbiblical nonsense – there’s a “nursery” in Heaven full of aborted babies. Apparently, people are glorified as infants and remain so in Heaven. That certainly would answers some questions if true.