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SBC Theologian Expresses Concern over Baptist Spending in Michigan

This evening, I came across a riveting article at SBC Today about the management of Southern Baptist Cooperative Program funds in the state of Michigan.  The article was written by Norman Donald Fistler, who grew up in Michigan and formerly served as a pastor in that state.  Regrettably, the type of “grace alone, faith alone” witness historically typical of Southern Baptists is not widespread in that state.  To make matters worse, Fistler reports that the management of Southern Baptist funds in the state is suspect.  Among other concerning things Fistler notes that:

  • Southern Baptist mission funds (channeled through the North American Mission Board) are being used to support/partner with at least five charismatic churches.
  • The executive compensation package of state Baptist convention executives is greater than the funding provided to International Mission Board.
  • The highly compensated executive director of the state convention, Tim Patterson, holds a theological degree from a diploma mill.

I encourage Pulpit & Pen readers to Fistler’s full article at SBC Today.  It is but one more example of the irresponsible or offensive management of Southern Baptist Cooperative Program funds.

[Contributed by Seth Dunn]

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Seth Dunn

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