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One Night Holy Ghost Revival 2.0

Rodney Howard Browne – the Holy Ghost Bartender – came to Dickinson, North Dakota, on November 14 to the River Church for “One Night Holy Ghost Revival.” He spent his time to call Donald Trump the anointed and talk about politics, conspiracy theories, and the banking system. He did not mention Jesus, God the Father, or God the Holy Spirit. He did not mention sin, righteousness or judgment (the things the Holy Spirit came to proclaim). He spoke about himself, bragged on his prophetic prowess, and gave testimony of his closeness with the President of the United States.

Then, this happened.

Residents of Dickinson reached out us and asked us to come preach about the Holy Spirit – the true Holy Spirit. And so, myself and pastors Mike Fix and Chris Rosebrough are holding “One Night Holy Ghost Revival 2.0” at the Astoria Hotel from 6 to 9PM (note: Dickinson is on Mountain Time). We will preach about the true nature of the Holy Spirit, His work among men, and the authentic gospel.

You can find out more information at (406) 433-4004. Please come and enjoy this night of worship and expository preaching.

[Contributed by JD Hall]